Earthquake aftershocks from the Hindu Kush range

Hindu Kush RangeFew days ago on Oct 23 the Hindu Kush Range observed an earthquake of 6.4 on Richter scale, as reported earlier. Now same Mountain range generating more earthquakes jolting the Pakistan and Afghanistan areas. Several of them are already felt in both Pakistan.

The last one felt was the second one in 24 hours and was of 5.0 on the Richter scale. This jolted areas of both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hindu Kush mountains are now seen some what active with earthquake stuff from few years. Going bit back into the past, in October 2005 an earthquake of 7.6 magnitude was originated from same mountain range took 74000 people to death and displaced the 3.5 million people from there homes destroying their primary shelters. These people had to stay in shelters provided collectively by government, human rights organizations and people of Pakistan for about a year and then as there homes etc were built again they were moved back to their homes.

Its strange that this time again like 2005 the month of October was chosen for the earthquakes by Hindu Kush mountains. But its great that with grace of Allah no one killed or no property damage was observed.

Hindu Kush range has been regarded as dangerous in this regard by the experts and some told that earthquakes of even more magnitudes can be originated from this range. So to cope with situation what we can do is to follow the standard guidelines and materials while building homes or any other kind of buildings so that they can easily bare the earthquake of at least 9 to 10 magnitude on Richter scale. It would be like prepare for the worst kind of strategy, which sounds good.

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