Interview of the father of Scarsdale school beating victim

Father of Scarsdale School beating victim

An interview video of the father of the recent Scarsdale School bullying and beating victim came forward. This interview was recorded by the management of Pakistan’s famous website called They have uploaded this to their youtube channel, you can watch it below.

In the interview the father, Imran Younas, of the victim Aleeha Imran have made some very important revelations about the incident. He spelled out the whole incident, how it all started, how girl was taken to cafeteria then torchered for 30 to 40 minutes according to Mr. Imran Younas. Then he goes on further to tell how parents of aggressors have tried to pressurised him with the threats.

He also mentioned how the boys involved in the incident, who were giving instructions are calling him with threats. Even he mentions how police pressurized him as well as the school which tried to delete the CCTV footage but the cyber crimes department have told him that they will retrieve any deleted data.

According to Imran Younas, his daughter and one of the aggressor girl were friends. It all started when her daughter, upon asking by father involved girl, have told him that her daughter is involved in drugs and bad company at school. When her father asked the girl about it and he would have warned her. Later on to take a revenge, she with many other high school kids, much elder the Aleeha Imran, first bullied then torched for thirty to forty minutes.

He named the cafeteria owner or operator, who was present at the moment and was making the video, but did not got involved. Neither he called anyone. According to him a school aya was also there at the time of incident. He also goes on to claim that the students of Scarsdale International School are involved in drugs and even they bring firearms on the campus.

Father of Aleeha Imran revealed much more about the incident, about the condition of girl after the incident and what her daughter had to bear go through, she was even hospitalized and much more. All of what is mentioned above are the claims of the father of girl. The investigation of the matter are under process by the law enforcement department responsible. So we will hopefully soon get more, authentic information about the incident. But for now, it is absolutely necessary that the victim of beating, Aleeha Imran gets the justice served to her.

There is much more, which we have not spelled out loud here in the text, so do make sure to watch the video above on this very page. Father of the victim, Aleeha Imran, touches many different aspects of the matter in response to the questions of interviewer belonging to

We will definitely keep you updated about the matter, as the more developments about the incident come forward. Previously, the girls involved in the beating were granted pre arrest bail and also the Scarsdale School spoke up on the matter, for the first time.

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