Girls involved in bullying and beating classmate at a school in Lahore are granted pre arrest bail

Currently a video of female students from Scarsdale International School is going viral all over Pakistan. In the video, girls can been seen grouping up and beating a fellow student. In the video not only girl is beaten, kicked but later on girl is thrown down on the floor and two girls can be seen sitting on the victim while another on pulling her hair. Also other students can be seen and heard laughing and making videos of incident.

In the whole video and the many versions of it which are gone viral on the internet, no one came forward to help the helpless victim. Also for several minutes this student was being torchered on the floor of Scarsdale International School Lahore but not one from the school’s management of staff can be seen heard taking any action of the incident.

After incident took place and video gone viral, many were demanding justice for the victim. Hopes of people were high that as the incident gone viral the victim will surely get justice, specially after a tweet from one of Punjab Police’s official twitter accounts, in which revealed that investigation on the matter is started. However, later on it was revealed that the girls involved in the incident are granted pre arrest bail by a court in Lahore and they cannot be arrested by the police until Jan 31, 2023.

A pre arrest bail document is also circulating on the web, in which the victim ‘Aleeha Imran’ is being blamed for instigating to register a case on malafide intentions. Surprisingly, despite the video evidence of beating, torcher and bullying, circulating all over the web, court have grated the bail to the two involved girls named Jannat Malik and Kainat Malik daughters of Naveed Masood Malik. The image of bail petition which is already circulating on web and is acquired from there, is as follows.

There are several versions of these videos circulating on the social media. In this first video the victim is telling the aggressors to leave her hair alone. But girl bully her, beat her, throw her down on ground and sit on her and torture continues.

The backstory which is spread on the social media tells that the girl stopped other girls from taking drugs and the rest was result of it. However, we have not been able to confirm this back story and it is mentioned here only because it is the most famous and frequently shared backstory of the incident.

People in general, celebrities, social media influencers, famous people and everyone have a platform and voice are coming out and doing their part in condemning this incident. One such tweet from the famous mishi khan and many of such other tweets and posts are as follows.

Another video came forward, where a person claiming to be “mamo” of the girl is claiming that the police have not been cooperating with us on the issue. They have not put the sections of laws which we wanted on the First Information Report (FIR). The full video of that is available on poster’s youtube, can be found by clicking a link from the tweet, the tweet with short version of the interview is as follows.

Finally, the purpose of sharing all of this is to highlight the incident and increasing the chances of it to reach masses so that the victim can get justice. Such behaviours should be discouraged all over. It is surprising that the incident took place in premises of a school and no one from the school management, staff, student or anyone else came for the help of victim. Also, this is surprising how easily bails on such matters are granted where a clear video evidence of incident is available. Please share this post more and more via whatsapp and social media, so it makes it to someone who can take an action.

3 thoughts on “Girls involved in bullying and beating classmate at a school in Lahore are granted pre arrest bail

  1. Ghaleez khandaanon me palne wali pigs hen ye. Ghaleez log jinhon ne bache na jaaiz paida kr k chor diye. Haram kariyon se fursat hogi in ghaleez logon to apne sour k pilon ko pata dalenge. Ek raat jail me rakh kr remand le women police inka lrkin nhin bhae safarishrn krwa k kuttyon ko chura lia. Allah to dekh rha he na andhe kunwe me girenge sb k sb

  2. Wow ! What a parents ! Lanat tum per for such upbringing and for bringing this filth into this world. These siblings were surely born after their mother laid down under swine and a hyena and ….isnt it @naveed masood malik ??

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