Scarsdale school breaks silence on the girls beating incident

Recently a video of school girls gone viral in Pakistan in which a herd of three to four girls are bullying a girl, then they first started with pull the hair, kicking the girl, later she was thrown down. Afterwards, two girls can been seen sitting the helpless one on the ground and a third on pulling her hair. This incident took place in Scarsdale International School Lahore, where the bullying and torcher kept on going for several minutes and no one took notice.

Many students can be heard around the incident site, when it was taking place but no student, teacher or school staff can be seen or heard trying to intercept the incident. School which should have took measures to keep an eye on activities of students, in every nook and corner of the premises, tried to get away by just post a very casual statement on its social media accounts. An image was posted on social media, in which Scarsdale International School Lahore talks about the incident in following manner.

Scarsdale International School strongly condemns the incident that recently took place.

Our school culture is our highest priority and we uphold our core values of honor, respect, compassion and responsibility.

Scarsdale international school’s statement about bullying and beating incident

In my opinion, it is good that Scarsdale School have at least spoke on the incident. However, the statement which they issued is not enough. They have not revealed anything about why this bullying and beating kept happening and why school management remained ignorant or uninformed about the incident. Also another shortcoming with the statement is that it does not say anything about the students involved in the incident. They have not mentioned anything about if any action is taken against them, either they will be allowed to continue at the school or not. Also there is no mention of any on going investigation by school on the matter, whether they are try to reach to the bottom of why and how it happend.

Same is the reason, the school is being trashed on the social media, people are also trying to reply their posts, specially after negative feedback by people on the Scarsdale School’s Facebook page post about the incident, the school have closed comments on the post. However, on twitter, where they have less control over the people’s comments, they are not being mentioned positively.

Again it is good that a statement came out from school but if they would have mentioned bit more about the incident, specially why they kept ignorant or uniformed about it, also why is being done about the aggressors, if an investigation by school itself has started or not, then it would have been much better.

School have posted this above mentioned statement via following image on the social media.

An FIR about the incident was registered by the father of the victim Aleeha Imran about four involved girls. Also, as Punjab Police had tweeted an investigation on the matter have already been started. However, as a latest development, two of main students involved in the incident have taken pre arrest bail. The bail have been very easily granted. The pre arrest bail of students involved stops police from arresting them for investigation for now.

One thought on “Scarsdale school breaks silence on the girls beating incident

  1. It is concerning to see such a disturbing incident of bullying and beating at Scarsdale International School. While it’s good that the school has released a statement condemning the incident, more transparency is needed. The statement should have addressed why the school remained unaware of the incident and what actions will be taken against the students involved. People’s frustration on social media is understandable, and the school should have been more open in their response. It’s important for the school to conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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