How to buy tickets of Pakistan vs England second test match at Multan online

Pakistan vs England test match will be played from 9 Dec, 2022 to 13 Dec, 2022 at Multan. So the news is, the tickets of the event are available for buying online. Each ticket will be valid for one day, you can buy as many tickets as you want. Ticket prices will be either Rs. 150 or Rs. 250 based on which enclosure you choose.

For buying the tickets visit choose the day of match, then choose the enclosure, then choose the required seats from available ones and confirm your tickets by paying. Lots of tickets are available right now, but they may not remain available for long, so you will need to hurry up and confirm your tickets as soon as possible.

The tickets of third test match, which is scheduled to be played in Karachi from 17th of December will also be available online on same website, however, sale of the Karachi test tickets is expected to open after the Multan test match finishes.

Earlier tickets of first test match tickets were also available on same website, however they sold very fast. People reported that they chosen the seats many times and by time they reached checkout page, those seats were already chosen and paid for by someone else.

In first test match the both teams, Pakistan and England, put on a great show for the audience. Even till the very end of match on day five, no one was sure about the outcome of match. This way, it was a very exciting and interesting match, worth watching. So if you are interested in watching the match, hurry up reserve your seats before someone else does it.

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