Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule for Pakistan

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Pakistan Matches in Cricket World Cup 2015Currently team Pakistan has been lined up to play six matches. Further matches will obviously be decided based on Performance of Team Pakistan. We will update and Pakistan gets more matches later on in the tournament, for now Pakistan is schedule to play following matches.

Match Date Venue Stage/Pool
Pakistan Vs India  14th Feb, 2014 Adelaide Oval, Adelaide Pool B
Pakistan Vs West Indies 21st Feb, 2014 Hagley Oval, Christchurch Pool B
Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe 1st Mar, 2014 The Gabba, Brisbane Pool B
Pakistan Vs United Arab Emirates 4th Mar, 2014 McLean Park, Napier Pool B
Pakistan Vs South Africa 7th Mar, 2014 Eden Park, Auckland Pool B
Pakistan Vs Ireland 15th Mar, 2014 Adelaide Oval, Adelaide Pool B

As the tournament progresses we will update your with the results and will also add the details of more matches Pakistan would have to play in the tournament later.

Pakistan Team for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Announced

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Team Pakistan For Cricket World Cup 2015

Pakistan Cricket Team for Cricket World Cup 2015 have been announced today. Players who are included in Pakistan World Cup Squad are as follows.

  1. Ahmed Shehzad
  2. Misbah ul Haq
  3. Younis Khan
  4. Junaid Khan
  5. Sarfaraz Ahmed
  6. Muhammad Hafeez
  7. Muhammad Irfan
  8. Harris Sohail
  9. Shahid Afridi
  10. Yasir Shah
  11. Wahab Riaz
  12. Shoaib Maqsood
  13. Sohail Khan
  14. Umar Akmal
  15. Ehsan Adil

People were expecting inclusion of Shoaib Malik but he was not included. Also, the inclusion of Muhammad Hafeez was a surprise, as ICC have already put ban on his bowling surprise. He normally have a low strike rate in batting, so some say including him was not a good move. However, everyone wants their favorite in the team, like I liked the inclusion of Shahid Afridi. Regardless of all this, lets hope and pray that our team performs well in 2015 World Cup Tournament and lets hope they bring the World Cup back home to Pakistan. By the Way, Australia is hosting the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

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Pakistan Wins First ODI of Five match series against New Zealand

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Pakistan won the toss and decided to bawl first in the first ODI against New Zealand. They constrained all the New Zealand players under 30 with just one exception. many of them got out in even under 20. But there was one name LRPL Taylor who scored 105 on 135 bawls he played with the help of Nine Fours and One Six run hit. So finally New Zealand given Pakistan Target of 247 runs with 7 wickets down.Haris Sohail during 1st ODI of Pakistan against New Zealand of Five Match Series

Pakistan started too slow and bad. Muhammad Hafeez in his slow style scored only six runs of 17 balls he played and got out early. After him Pakistan loss few more wickets and Pakistan was just 85 with the loss of five wickets. Match seem over in favor of New Zealand. But than Haris Sohail was able to score 85 runs on 109 balls and Shahid Afridi scored 61 runs on just 51 runs.

Haris Sohail and Afridi brought back hopes of Pakistan side. Haris Sohail remained not out till the end. Pakistan was able to achieve the target. Pakistan’s score was 250 with four on last ball. Pakistan won the match with 3 wickets remaining and 3 balls remaining.

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Muhammad Hafeez Resigns from Twenty 20 Captaincy and other positions in PCB

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Today Muhammad Hafeez have announced that he is resigning from the T20 captaincy and other managerial positions he hold at PCB. So Hafeez who was Captain of Pakistan Twenty 20, vice captain of ODI and Test Matches, have resigned from all three positions. Decision is came in acknowledgement of his own real bad performance as captain and as individual player in result of which Pakistan was knocked out of Twenty 20 World Cup cricket tournament 2014.

Muhammad Hafeez Formar Pakistani Twenty 20 Captain

In the prize distribution ceremony of the “Do or Die” match against West Indies, which Pakistan lost due to Hafeez’s just 19 runs on 37 balls played, Hafeez seem to apologizing from Public from Pakistan team’s side not his own. Similarly later on after arriving at Pakistani Airport, talking to media he had told that he is holding the captaincy Twenty 20 and vice captaincy of other formats. But later on as he attended the meetings with PCB top management, he realized that he is anyway being fired from captaincy, he have opted the approach of resigning before being fired officially to save himself from any further embarrassment.

Despite resigning from the captaincy, Hafeez have told the media that he will still keep playing from Pakistani side in all formats of cricket as long as he is given the place in Cricket team.

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Pakistan is now out of Twenty 20 World Cup Cricket Tournament 2014, courtesy Hafeez

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Pakistan Vs West Indies april 1st Twenty 20 world cup cricket tournament 2014 matchAfter loosing the first match of its  group against India, Pakistan had managed to pull two well deserved victories against both Australia and Bangladesh. Today Pakistan and West Indies had Do or Die match. This means the team winning the match will go through to Semi-finals of Twenty 20 World Cup and looser will be out of Tournament.

After West Indies won the toss and decided to bat first, while Bowling Pakistanis did well and even got some early wickets and restricted West Indies to lower score but then some hitting came forward and they scored 166, which is not unbeatable but a good score. Pakistan did scored well about 190 in matches with Australia and Bangladesh. So there was good chance that Pakistan will achieve this score easily.

In Pakistan innings on first ball they lost first wicket of very important scorer Ahmad Shahzar. But whatever happened later on is sad and amusing on same time. That is our Captain of team Muhammad Hafeez started to play on strike rate too low which is only and only suitable for test cricket. Not even ODI and never in Twenty 20, this strike rate is just not acceptable. Slow run scoring from Hafeez put pressure on other batsmen. The remaining deliveries were quickly decreasing and score on the board was moving up like an ill lazy turtle. As Hafeez was stopping almost every ball, in pressure of climbing run rate three of Pakistan batsmen lost their wicket by getting stumped behind the wicket while trying to play desperate shot by moving outside of crease.

Muhammad Hafeez who according to majority of Pakistan cricket fans must not even be in Pakistan team, is the skipper (captain) of the team. Today by scoring 19 runs on 32 balls he have played huge role in escorting Pakistan cricket team out of Twenty World Cup 2014 before even we made it to finals. The stats show that in Twenty twenty matches when Hafeez gets out early on few balls Pakistan mostly win those matches.

The soul purpose of discussing the Hafeez’s story of utter disappointment for Pakistani people, was to put light on fact that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is not being run the way its supposed to be. Selectors and coach despite the poor performance of players like Hafeez, have not done anything to get rid of such players and give chance to fresh blood. Hafeez’s and Misbah’s styles suit test cricket, so they must be in that team not in ODI or specially Twenty 20. When an unworthy soul (in this field) Najam Sethi, the chairman of PCB, such things are due to happen. I guess one of former legend players must be given such positions so they can lead the board to right direction in light of their experience.

Whatever, we do or say now, the fact is we are out of Twenty 20 world cup tournament 2014. If we ever going to do good in Cricket, some changes in Pakistan Cricket team and management of PCB are very well due.

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