Spread of dengue virus in Pakistan now picking pace

Next challenge now for the people of Pakistan is to cope with the spread of dengue virus, which is now spreading very much rapidly. Official figures report that 2000 people in Punjab and 1700 in Sindh are affected by this virus. These figures depict that most of Punjab affectees are from Lahore Punjab. However all areas of Punjab have a number of dengue virus affectees. PIMS Islamabad alone is dealing with 155 patients of dengue virus similarly in Rawalpindi 165 cases have been already reported which include one doctor as well.

This is not all, these above figures are official, so it is believed that on ground situation is much more worse. Already there have been sprays led by government in many different areas, but on many places according to people same corruption culture came in and the low quality liquids were used which were not able to get rid of mosquito.

Mosquito is the main source of spreading this disease, this disease spreads with the byte of special kind of mosquito bite. In fact when a mosquito bites a healthy person, the mosquito gets infected and when this bytes another person he/she gets infected by dengue virus and soon faces dengue fever. So guidelines are to never let any waters gathered around or even inside your house. Use products which are effective in killing or keeping mosquito away. For extra safety keep yourself covered.

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