Five US nationals caught few months ago in Pakistan now charged by court

Five individuals who born in US and their families belong to different countries traveled from US to Pakistan few months ago, they were suspected to be involved in planing the violence against local forces in problem areas of Pakistan where the militants are hiding. They were also suspected to be helping the banned extremist group in the country.

They were taken into custody in December and held into custody for long time involving the several extensions of their initial investigation period. Several individuals were busy investigating the matter and finding any proofs of weather they are innocent or not. Initial plan was to take them in custody for few days, free them up and send them back soon if they are found innocent but it didn’t happen mainly because they were found involved in some illegal activities.

Now a Pakistani have laid seven charges against them, which include the charge saying ‘these men were planning an attack in Pakistan or an allied country’ and ‘they were reaching out the Militants in problem areas of Pakistan and were going to help them financially’. Similar five more charges are laid against them.

However the men in custody fully deny all of the charges laid against them and told that they were here for some charity work in areas which are fully destroyed because of the on going clash between Pakistan security forces and the hiding militants.

Court was adjourned till 1st of March, afterwords the evidences against these suspects will be presented in the court. If the court finds them guilty, they can have the punishment ranging to the life imprisonment at maximum. In other case deporting them to United States may be taken into consideration.

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