Youtube is not blockable, it never was

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It is well over one year now that is officially blocked in Pakistan. But are people of Pakistan really unable to access the website? The answer is no, the site is very much accessible. Its not only accessible through few alternate methods in Pakistan, its just being accessed by every eight out of ten people using different methods to get around the ban.

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People are using the proxy websites or in some cases some free VPN softwares are being used to bypass the blockade of youtube. Plus its an established fact that government have not been able to block any secure links yet, yes I am talking about the links over SSL or put it like this, the links which use https protocoal in browser bar instead of http. With few simple changes in configuration of internet connection people are able to change dns servers to some free foreign servise for this purpose, after that if you put the secure link in the browser, youtube is accessable. Then again with few changes in youtube account settings people are able to run few videos as well on SSL or in other words secure link which is unblockable. Google, the owner of youtube website, have a goal to convert every link there exists to SSL so soon everything including the video playback would be over secure link and government will have no way to block those videos and anyone would be able to access those videos without any proxy.

My point is simple, Pakistani government should not try to block the website on their own end, they must actively communicate with google to have a Pakistani domain of website and then they will be able to get few certain objectionable videos blocked effectively and rest of website would be available to people. When people use proxies or other methods to get around the ban, what happens is that along with all the good content they are willing to watch the objectionable content also keeps poping over. Also sooner or later government will have to resort to contacting Google for video blockade, becasue as soon as google converts its video playback as well on Secure Link (SSL) it will be impossible for our government to block anyone of vidoes on youtube. Isn’t it good the government contacts google soon and gets the good contact available to people and gets the objectionable/blashphamous content blocked the proper way.

My political association is not with Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) but as soon as they took charge I was hoping that things would get better and along with other issues Pakistan is facing, the cyber space issues will also be resolved but government have not been able to handle stuff well till now. Its never too late actually, Pakistan is already accessing the site, government should officially end this ban and should resort to more reliable methods to block the blashphamous material on website.

Unfortunate fact is that every once in a while either Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) or Federal Minister for IT and Telco Anusha Rehman give a statement claiming that they have either been able to block the objectionable links on website or they are in talks with Google and soon website will be accessable soon. But soon people realise that this was just a publicity stunt to remain in the news. But its time for them to do the right thing instead of making these statements, people of Pakistan no more can be fooled and they are watching you closely to compare what you say and what you exactly do.

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People of Pakistan resort to dangerous gas pumping devices for their homes as govt sits idle

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gas compressor to increase pressure - Very DangerousIt is winter season, we have not seen the first rain of the season yet but as the temperatures are dropping the problem of Natural Gas Shortage is getting worse. Daily more and more house hold Natural Gas consumers are getting deprived of supply of gas supply in their burners and stoves, just let alone the room or water heaters.

As the shortage issue raised people have started finding their ways to suck more gas out of Sui Nortren Gas Pipe Lines’ (SNGPL) network. Some AC and Refrigerator technicians have found new application of the gas compressors which are used in Refrigerators and ACs. They have started installing these compressors in homes of people, they run on electricity, so they suck the gas of whole area in this case most of houses sit idle with no Gas the one with these compressors have more than enough gas sucked towards their stoves.

It just not stopped here, now small gas pumps are available in the markets, which are really easy to install in homes. They are being sold in prices from 1500 to 6000 Pakistani Rupee.

Story does not end here, these compressors and Gas Pumps are really very dangerous. If you are not careful, a blast in your home is evident, it could blow your gas line and even a major mishap could happen involving life and death situations.

Now come the responsibilities of Gas supply companies like SNGPL and SSGPL, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and Pakistani government. But none of these have played their role to eradicate such dangerous devices or even stopping people from installing them. Meanwhile, these devices are openly being sold in market. Using any of such device is nothing less then putting your family on risk for smooth supply of gas.

If one home in a neighborhood installs such device, the already low pressure of gas almost dies for other houses, then if one or two more houses install them, the stoves of other homes just die with no gas at all, so what happens is everyone have to resort to one of such device for getting the gas. The circle goes back to the initial situation but now along with gas everyone will also be using power, as they cook food. And who doesn’t know here that we are currently going through power crisis here in Pakistan, so it must be conserved.

Government, OGRA or even the gas supply companies have fully failed to play their roles to stop such malpractices. People of Pakistan have just got one more ticking bomb which could kill them earlier than they should. Yet again the Politicians and Ruling party are showing no concern.

Its just not assumptions, blasts did happened in couple of cities and more could happen if its not controlled. Even the Gas supply pipes would start to raptures due to extensive vacuum which is created by these gas sucking devices resulting in loss of Natural Gas.

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PTCL do not care its old valued customers plus tons of services but no value against them

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For those who does not know, Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) is currently the only major land line telephony operator in Pakistan. They once used to be fully Government owned organization but it was later privatized partially, so currently the Etisalat (An Abu Dhabi based company) holds the 26% shares of organization along with the administration of PTCL. Still most of its part is government owned even now. Now along with land line telephony and DSL internet, PTCL also provides 3G evo wireless internet services in the country.

PTCL currently claims to provide the highest internet speeds over their landline (ADSL) and evo 3G wireless networks. But the main problem with PTCL management is their main focus always is on announcing, advertising and launching new services. They does not pay any attention on fixing or improving the current set of services they provide.

Not only quality of service, they have no regard of current valued customers they always keep changing the package prices for new customers meanwhile old customers are stuck with that old higher price.PTCL Big logo with devil

For example EVO Nitro a wireless internet service of PTCL, currently for subscribers who have Evo Nitro devices purchased before Aug 2012 the monthly bill is Rs. 3000 and for customers who purchased their devices after Aug 2012 monthly bill is Rs. 2100. Also in start people had pay 6000 to even get a nitro connection and just 2 months later they started providing same connection free of cost for people who pay 3 months bill differently. This thing is again bit understandable but having different higher rate for old valued customers and lower for new ones is not understandable at all.

A most recent promotion of PTCL product again grabbed my attention to fact that PTCL is bias to its newer and older customers. Unlike any other company PTCL’s older customers are suffering more or in other words paying more. Recently, PTCL announced that on payment of 3 months of evo nitro bills in advance its customers could get discount of 800 or 1000. For older customers discount is 1000 but they have to pay a total of 8000 for 3 months (3000×3 – 1000) and discount for newer customers is 800 but they have to pay less for same service and that is 5500 (2100 x 3 – 800). I also took a screenshot of the offer from PTCL’s website, following is the graphic showing the PTCL’s evil and unfair behavior towards its customers.

Unfair PTCLNot only this, there is more to the story, if I start telling everything about PTCL services 100 pages would be less. E.g. On Land line DSL internet PTCL claims to provide internet speeds of up to 50 and 100 Mbps but in some areas their network is bad that these lines could not run even 2Mbps internet. I am not talking about far flung areas its different areas in same cities. They basically don’t repair the old installed cables, wires and polls.

Same is the case with their EVO wireless internet, they advertise that evo nitro would give you speeds of 9.3 Mbps but I have seen in many areas it gives speeds lower than 2Mbps and in some others it gives 5Mbps but never seen evo device running on full advertised speed.

Another major issue we have is PTCL is only main internet provider for the country, so all internet to other ISPs is gone through PTCL, they have offered cheap, high speed but low quality packages to people and made the existence of other small ISPs very difficult, so mostly people have only PTCL as choice.

Hope PTCL corrects itself in future or Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) takes a strict action against them to make lives of Pakistanis better in terms of internet access.

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Declining Pakistani Rupee and its Affect on Foreign Depts Pakistan have

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USD and PKR Currency NotesAll the good things which Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) claims to have done, they would have keep tabs on the declining Pakistani Rupee. It is a fact that Pakistani rupee was not stable even before PML-N’s era but as soon as PML-N came into power, the depreciation kept going on and even accelerated at moments. Normally when this happens, if state bank of Pakistan intervene and put out some US Dollars in the Market against Pakistani currency things settle down. But in this case first no move was came from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Later on they did came in with a move to control the value of depreciating Pakistani Currency but that long due move came on very late and it was just temporary measure.

Then again later on Pakistani Rupee was left alone to depreciate. The party which came into the government with big claims for reviving the Pakistani economy again did took another loan from International monitory Fund (IMF) to settle an installment of previous loan. This again did put pressure on Pakistani Rupee and still it is not settling down but declining day by day.

Moreover as we know that Pakistan have something above 200 billion US dollars foreign dept, which it have to pay back. Value of one US dollar being about 108 Pakistani rupee currently in interbank with just one rupee increase the loan or dept of Pakistan increases by billions as per our local currency.

A PML-N’s own official, the federal minister of finance¬†Ishaq Dar stated this in parliament recently

The public and publicly guaranteed foreign debt, including IMF, has increased by Rs403,064 million as a result of depreciation of the rupee during the present government

What he stated is partially correct, the correct portion is increase in foreign debt during the current PML-N era but the figure stated is wrong and too much less than reality. In fact since PML-N came into power, the Pakistan rupee devalued from about 96 PKR against USD in the interbank then to about 108 PKR against USD in interbank now. Considering that Pakistan have over 200 billion foreign dept so actual figure comes somewhere near 24 Billion rupees increase in foreign dept other than just 500 million rupees government have announced.

PML-N led federal Government not only doing less to control the devaluation of Pakistani currency they have just tried to fool Pakistani people by giving the wrong figures about the damage devaluation of Pakistani currency did in terms of hike in foreign dept in their era.

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PTI’s Protest held on 23 Nov 2013 in KPK Against Drone Strikes Turns Out Super Successful

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) a political party led by former cricketer, social worker and politician of the moment Imran Khan had arranged a protest for 23rd Nov 2013 against the drone attacks being held by United States on Pakistani soil. So they the protest rally was held today and tens of thousands of people showed their support for the cause by participating in the rally and it was gone real super successful.

People Gathered to protest against US Drone strikes in Pakistan on PTI's Call
People Gathered to protest against US Drone strikes in Pakistan on PTI’s Call
Pakistanis support PTI and Imran Khan on issue of US Drone Strikes in Pakistan - Cartoon Credit: Tariq Afridi
Pakistanis support PTI and Imran Khan on issue of Drone Strikes in Pakistan – Credit: Tariq Afridi

The protest was held in order to put pressure on United States by stopping the Nato supply which essentially goes through Pakistan to the Nato forces in Afghanistan.

Pakistan does discourage the terrorism and have zero tolerance for any militant groups operating from its soil. But on same time they want the deal with the issue themselves. United States keep targeting people in Pakistan via drone strikes, which ignite the rage in people, why a country first violates the air space of Pakistan then hits the ground targets via drones which much of times also result in the killings of innocent people which have nothing do with terrorism. This also include the killings of woman and children, plus killings or innocent men in many cases. As soon as more innocent get affected by drone strikes in the country, the anger of people against United States increases, that in turn strengthen these militant groups. So drone attacks are fully counter productive.

People of Pakistan along with most of political groups want to deal with the militant groups on its soil but they demand that let us deal with them our way on our land. As drone attacks are not solving the issue, but its just forcing people turn violent specially when drone hits and kills an innocent human being.

Drones does killed some militants in near and far past but they does killed innocent people too, specially women and children. So how do you think they would react to this.

Imran Khan Led PTI along with people of Pakistan are actively protesting against the drone strikes in Pakistan, they do want an end to these drone strikes. First protesting rally was gone very much successful. Its been decided by Imran Khan with his party and People of Pakistan specially Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK – A Pakistani Province) that they will resist to drone strikes in Pakistan. These rallies according to Imran Khan and PTI would continue until United States (US) realize that they should let Pakistanis deal with any militants on their soil. They are always welcome to give any on ground logistic support by approval of Pakistani Government but drone air strikes are not productive and should stop soon.

Rest assured Pakistanis are as peace liking and  as peaceful as any other nation of world, they would eradicate any militant activity on their soil but they will be doing their own way, not via US drones which violate Pakistani airspace without approval of Pakistani government.

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