Are We United as Pakistanis or as Muslims, for that matter

Pakistani Muslims and Christians Holding Hands together in Solidarity
Pakistani Muslims Make a chain to protect the christian community of Pakistan

It is fact that we have searched and dug up many divides for ourselves, these divides set us apart from each other. And when I use the word us, I am referring us Pakistanis. These divides are of many kinds, which include religious, cast & creed, localities, languages spoken and than finally new kind of divide here is political.

Religiously, we have been divided in many sects, each one is busy telling other that the path of religion they are following is the right and other one is wrong path and will have to pay for that later. Similarly, based on language we speak or province we live in, we have divided us on those bases.

The most interesting divide is political, in current political scene of Pakistan, the most hardcore divide is between people who voted for PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) and the people who voted for PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz). I am not sure why people take this so seriously, I have seen people who voted for PML-N, try to reason with people who voted for PTI and call everything fair and correct which is being done by PML-N. Its about the same other way round.

The reason I have called the political divide of today interesting is because, those who voted for PTI and those who voted for PML-N or any other party for that matter, mostly they belong to same family, still those voters keep bashing each other when they met with people who may have voted for other party.

Still after all this I explained above, there are people in society who think, even if we belong to different sects, even if we voted for any political party, whatever region we live in and whatever language we speak, we are united as Pakistani and Muslims for that matter. These people are in fact not minority in numbers, its in fact the general perspective of Pakistani public.

The divides do exist but these are highlighted by the handful of people for personal gains. The most of these culprits are Pakistan politicians, who try to mislead the public and try to divide them on bases of their language and locality. For example, a politician from Punjab would say, don’t vote for anyone from Sindh, Baluchistan or KPK, just because he wants to keep his monopoly in Punjab.

Similarly, there are people in Baluchistan, who mislead people and put impression in their minds that only way forward for them is to have their own country and ditch rest of Pakistan. Some political forces are not in favor of Kalabagh dam only because it was not their idea, they mostly brainwash people that it is not in their favor.

Than again there are people who only try to divide people of Pakistan for their own interest and some people do listen to them just because of lack of knowledge and awareness. Otherwise, people are united here. However, things are changing here, people are recognizing whats best for them, for themselves. I hope things will be much better in years to come for Pakistan.

As time passes, I see our country more united and its people more informed and aware about whats best for them. We just need to find out our enemies within ourselves who want to divide us for their own gains.

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