Pakistani Rupee further deteriorates against US Dollar

Rupee further depreciated against US dollar and other currencies recently. Against dollar it reached as high as 89 Rupees per dollar. In current financial year which apparently just barely started, rupee have deteriorated 3% as compared to its worth at start of year. This clearly shows the worsening economy and loss of control of current government on economy of country. In era of Pakistan Peoples Party in government economy and rupee have only seen down fall. As before current government dollar against rupee had just risen 20 Rs per dollar in more than 10 years but since Pakistan Peoples party took charge, die to mismanagement rupee have dramatically lost its worth in just 2.5 years and dollar have risen 29 […]

Water flow in rivers and water storage down to minimal, who is responsible

When compared to the last year the water flows in the rivers this year are very much about more than 34% less. Also storage overall is about from 32% to 40% of total capacity. Indus River System Authority (ISRA) is planning a meeting to revise the water management plan for this year and this meeting will held on 1st Feb, 10. The water flows in four major rivers declined from 10,000 to 37,000 cusecs, which is huge decline. Also the decline in the Mangla and Terbela dams is 34% less than the next year. Country is now facing huge water shortage, this shortage is now most likely to effect the agricultural activity around the country. The thing here to think […]

Paypal’s availability in Pakistan

Paypal is an online merchant, an e-commerce network help people in paying each other online and withdraw money to their bank accounts. It is very easy to use and can be easily integrated with websites and also can be used by professional. Now this network is most widely used in the world and no other even come closer. Problem is Paypal still need to list Pakistan in the list of countries who can use this service. Pakistanis now suffering much from it. For IT services online most people like to pay professionals via paypal but due to they didn”t contracted with Government of Pakistan and also Government of Pakistan done no effort in this regard Pakistan is missing lots of […]

US dollar price hits all time high in Pakistan

Open market buying price of US dollar hit all time high of over 85 Rupees per unit. US Dollar is constantly declining in the international price but its price is Pakistan continued to rise. Also in the inter bank it was being sold at all time high of 84.92 Rs per unit. Dollar have actually risen up about 25 Rs in just in period of last two years by coming to price of 85 from just Rupees 60. It must also be kept in mind that before this US dollar price had taken about years to rise just Rupees 20 in the period of over 10 years when the USD price was on the way to 60 Rupees per unit […]

OGDCL Pakistan on the road to failure in achieving targets of 2009- 2010

OGDCL isĀ  an oil and gas company which is ran by Government of Pakistan. It controls large amount of oil and gas reserves of the country totaling up to the 45% of gas and 35% of the oil reserves of the country. This company is also responsible for research and development in the sector. The company had a target of digging out 42 wells in current financial year 2009-2010 but is lagging well behind the target and will most likely will be unable to achieve the target. Company have been able to dig just 6 wells up till now in this year and need to dig up about 36 more in remaining period of less than 6 months to achieve […]