Things to Consider Before Buying Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry is an accessory that women use in order to accent their appearance. There are many places where nice fashion jewelry can be found at a reasonable price including But when it comes to our looks, it is always good to be choosy. Consciously selecting jewelry pieces will enable you to know which kind of jewelry will accentuate the best details about your appearance and make you stand out from the rest. Fashion Jewelry is commonly associated with cheaper price. That’s all well and good compared to fine jewelry, but then people tend to hoard on these pieces without considering for a second how the jewelry will look on them. When improving your appearance is the goal, then it […]

Pakistani Online Buyers Prefer Android Phones over Other Mobiles

The cellular industry was much simpler before the invention of high tech, complicated smart phones and touchscreens. The use of mobile phones was primarily solely to make calls, sending messages and on a maximum they had a few simple games like snake on Nokia. At that time Nokia was the market leader for its long battery life and unparalleled quality. However all of this was soon going to change when Apple inc. stepped into the cell phone market bringing ground breaking technology in a mobile – the Iphone. The smartphone technology was soon followed by competitors like Samsung, Nokia, LG, Black berry. With each of them having a different operating systems. Apple Inc. launched its operating system on 29th July […]

Advantages of Buying T-Shirts Online in Pakistan

The internet is a buzz with different types of clothes which are selling like hot cakes. There is not another item online that is presently more popular than T-shirts in Pakistan. With so many e-stores now operating in Pakistan, T-shirts seem to have taken the top spot as far as sales are concerned, at least in the summer. This can be attributed to a number of reasons. When you shop for T-shirts online, you can benefit from certain advantages over physical retail stores: 1. You have a multitude of options to choose from:  In hot summer months, there is no other garment that can make one feel as comfortable as a simple T-shirt. And it doesn’t have to be a […]

Great Women Online Stores and Boutiques in Pakistan

The trend of online shopping has finally caught on in Pakistan. Women shoppers are increasingly using the internet to order clothes and makeup items, avoiding the hassle of going to the marketplace and bargaining uselessly with shopkeepers. Thanks to a number of online stores, women, young and old alike, are becoming aware of the convenience that purchasing stuff online entails. Although almost every retail clothing store maintains online presence, there are some exclusively online stores which have become etched into the minds of women who love to shop. Here are three great online clothing and fashion stores for women in Pakistan. is the first online fashion store of Pakistan. Pioneering the trend of selling clothes and footwear online, […]

Future of Online Businesses is definitely bright in Pakistan but they still face few hurdles in getting global

It was not much more than three to four years when I came across a bunch of first few Pakistani websites which started offering sales of products online mostly for their Pakistani audiences. Now these sites are growing tremendously. People of Pakistan still are hesitant from purchasing online due to lack of trust and frauds due to lack of effective implementation of cyber laws in Pakistan. But the sites offering the products have tackled this with introduction of “Cash on Delivery” options. So they just showcase the products online payments are handled manually, specially when the products are delivered. I also came across some Pakistani administered Facebook pages which were selling T-Shirts and other stuff via cash on delivery option. […]