Swat operation Rahe Rast is going to end in 3 days

Secretary Defense Syed Ather Ali, while he was in Singapore told that swat operation will be completed in coming 3 days at most. According to him Pakistan Army have almost secured 90% of area all over swat and wiped out most of Taliban militants.

According to him the remaining Taliban millitants will be cleaned out in the upcoming 3 days and with this swat operation will be completed and called off.

2 thoughts on “Swat operation Rahe Rast is going to end in 3 days

  1. i think taliban are a rear threat for pakistan.they r not orignal taliban but the agents of raa and mosad.they have also links with fbi.so,the operation raherast was the necessary for the life of pakistan and we fully support it.i also sallute pak army who r performing very well for the whole nation///

  2. Yes you are some what correct original Taliban were never a threat for Pakistan, specially when we have given then refuge/shelter for decades when their home was at war.

    But still these Militants call themselves Taliban, so I call them Taliban militants. What you have said above most people think exactly this.

    If they are people planted by enemies or whatever they are at the moment we have to clean em up, and that is the thing which is really in interest of Pakistan.

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