Election commission allotted election symbols to all major political parties

It wouldn’t be wrong if said elections 2018 is the only topic of discussion everywhere around. Whether people at gatherings , occasions, ceremonies nobody remains quiet to make contribution of their prospective and the possible consequences on politics of Pakistan. ECP (Election commission of Pakistan) allotted symbols to 77 political parties on Tuesday. Major turnovers was  observed by the different parties regarding their  electoral symbols. PML-Q decided to not go with the bicycle symbol in this election and have chosen tractor this time. PPP shaheed bhutto, and  PPP workers tr seeks the sword as their electoral symbol but it goes into the hands of Pakistan peoples party. Where the affectionate Political parties like PML-N, PPP parliamentarians the electoral front of […]

#Pakistan trends number one on twitter following the devastating Lahore Park Explosion

Sunday 27th of March which has just passed was definitely a tragic day for Pakistan and the World. Specifically due to the terrorists targeted the innocent civilians which include women and children in an explosion carried out in Park in Lahore. Also the blast was carried out keeping in mind that, its weekend and there will be most rush in the park. The explosion claimed the lives of 69 people till now and over 250 were injured in the explosion. However, the social media all over the world is exploding with the condolences, messages of love and unity from around the world for Pakistanis, following this unfortunate incident. From last several hours #Pakistan is trending number one in the worldwide […]

Should Pakistan have accepted the 250 million USD offered by United States for eradication of Terrorism?

First things first, 250 million US Dollars is not kind of amount which Pakistan can not afford easily. On a single on going metro bus project in Rawalpindi/Islamabad Pakistan have spent 450 million US Dollars. Metro bus project Lahore was build using same kind of budget. Plus there are dozens of projects going on in the country which are using a budget much more than this. Obviously, all those projects of higher budgets are of lower priority than the eradication of terrorism from country. Means PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) would have had spared enough money for terrorism eradication before starting on the low priority projects like metro transit systems and reconstruction and repair of motorways etc. As compared […]

PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif is taking oath for Prime Minister today in Evening

The Chief of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N), the political party which won Pakistan Elections 2013 with clear majority is scheduled to take oath for prime minister today 5 June 2013 from the president Zardari. From Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Makhdoom Amin Fahim and from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Makhdoom Javed Hashmi are also candidates for being Prime Minister, but because of Nawaz Sharif of PML-N having clear majority, he will be the next prime minister of Pakistan and nawaz will take oath today evening as per scheduled. Along with the members of PML-N also Mutahida Qomi Movement (MQM) also announced its unconditional support for PML-N Chief Nawaz for Prime Minister elections, so vote count for Nawaz will be much […]