Should Pakistan have accepted the 250 million USD offered by United States for eradication of Terrorism?

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First things first, 250 million US Dollars is not kind of amount which Pakistan can not afford easily. On a single on going metro bus project in Rawalpindi/Islamabad Pakistan have spent 450 million US Dollars. Metro bus project Lahore was build using same kind of budget. Plus there are dozens of projects going on in the country which are using a budget much more than this.

Obviously, all those projects of higher budgets are of lower priority than the eradication of terrorism from country. Means PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) would have had spared enough money for terrorism eradication before starting on the low priority projects like metro transit systems and reconstruction and repair of motorways etc.

As compared to the kind of money Pakistan is spending to deal with its problem of terrorism, the amount, offered by United States during the two day visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry, is tiny. Pakistan can deal with its problems itself, so must not accept that little amount specially when it can afford it.

For once we have to stand up like a sovereign nation, for once we need to deal with our problems ourselves and with our money. Specially when PML-N claims that Pakistan is going on path of economic strength and it have billions of US Dollars in its treasury, accepting such money from another country for solving our own problems does not make sense in my opinion.

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