Arrest warrants of former prime minister Imran Khan issued

Arrest warrants are issued in contempt of court case. It is same case in which Imran Khan got acquittal from Anti Terror court recently when Khan apologised about his remarks. Later he also visited the court of female judge Zeba for in person apology, however, Zeba was not present in her court at that time.

Now, after acquittal from the anti terror court, the case was transferred to session court. According to govt Imran Khan did not made him available there for first hearing, so warrants were taken to make sure Imran Khan goes and attends the case’s hearing.

However, this case now do not have much strength in it, after Imran Khan apologized for his remarks unconditionally after even saying they were not intended to cause any kind of disregard or any kind of disrespect to the court or the judge involved. However, criticism was only about the decision of sending back Shahbaz Gill on remand after knowing the amount of illegal and undue physical torture he gone through in first remand.

These warrants are indeed as result of personal wishes of leadership of parties in power in central government, keeping in view the political tensions between the multi party alliance who call themselves Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), the party of Imran Khan.

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