Imran Khan Speech to Address the Nation and to Reply the India (Video)

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After the recent Pulwama attack on Indian forces, India have been playing same old blame game, which is just put the blame on Pakistani Administration and forces to cool down their own people. A perfect excuse to hide their intelligence failures.

So as always, this time as well, the Indian government have put all the blame on Pakistan. Their media is also heating things up and their tone and content revolves around the notion of teaching Pakistan a lesson through a possible attack.

Imran Khan recently addressed his nation as well as sent a strong message to India that we were earlier silent due to the important visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, we are ready for all possible solutions but would prefer the dialog. He also mentioned that if India initiates an attack, we will not think of replying, we will just reply, but on same time he insisted that war will make things go terribly wrong. So, again, be wise and come dialog with us.

So, following is the video of his speech, which was an address to nation as well as a message to India.

So, if you heard the speech above, you would have noticed that Imran Khan even offered to take action against anyone involved from our soil, after India provides some actionable proof.

He also mentioned that its election year India and to get the votes from his people the Modi government is trying to give something to the people, that look, we have taught a lesson to Pakistan.

Finally, in my opinion war is not the solution, it will bring damage to both countries, India think wisely as also mentioned by the Prime Minister. Must bring forward any proofs if they have or go silent and solve their own problems internally other than making issue of them and searching of excuses.

Imran Khan Challenged the Rejection of his Nomination Papers in NA-53 Islamabad

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The chairman of Pakistan tahreek-e-insaf Imran Khan challenged the decision of returning officer regarding his rejection of nomination papers on Wednesday. Appeal was filed against the RO’s decision on Wednesday by his counsel lawyer and member of the party Malak Babar Awan, the application stated that decision of rejection contradicts the constitution.

It was added by the lawyer the grounds given for the rejection were too weak and it cannot be justified in any way, technical errors in the nomination papers resulted this unfair decision. Additional district and session judge Muhammad Adnan khan announced the verdict, which rejects the nomination papers of four candidates including Khan from NA-53 constituency (Islamabad). Because the four left the section of ‘Clause N’ of affidavit in which they were required to mention their performance in their respective constituencies as an lawmaker before.

Awan has stated in the appeal that his client has never ‘concealed and interprets the facts wrongly’.

According to the petition Khan is ready to rectify the shortcomings and technical errors happened in the form. The RO’s verdict has resulted the miscarriage of the candidate rather than issuing the notice for reconsideration of the nomination form again, he added.

Islamabad high court’s Justice Moshin Akhter Kiyani will be hearing the plea against the decision filed by Khan on Thursday. Khan has never made a single visit to his constituency during his duration period as an MNA from 2013-2018, and resentment can be found in the people of his area for this act. Inspite of all these facts which can massively result in the defamation or even loosing the constituency he has decided not to take part from the same constituency and opted to take part from Islamabad(NA-253).

According to the resources, tribunal will decide all of the appeals till 27June. Eight tribunals have been established in different provinces to sum up all of the appeals as soon as possible to make a next move for the happening of fair elections by ECP (Election commission of Pakistan).

This article was written by staff: Mahad Gujjar

Imran Khan to take part in elections from Karachi NA-243 Reveals Asad Omer

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Pakistan tehreek-e-insaaf’s chairman, Imran khan is all set to mark his presence in this upcoming election. The founder has decided to take part in elections from NA-243 and will be contesting from other NA seats also, reveals Asad omer. He will be participating from four to five other locations across the country, he added.

Imran Khan

It would be the first time Imran khan has decided himself to take part in elections from any of the NA seat from Karachi. However he has huge political affiliance in Karachi which people of metropolitan proved by casting 0.95 million vote to the chairperson’s elected candidates.  The only party which meted head to head against MQM in the city and this time they are expecting even major turn outs.

Karachi has become a expected land of fortune in this election after the subtraction of Altaf Hussain from MQM. The party (MQM) is divided now in several groups like Azizabad and bahadurabad groups. So, it will be difficult for the people of Karachi to whom they should go with. Both of the groups are claiming to have same narrative as the party previously have had, it would definitely be a difficult decision for karachites to stand with one of them.

Considering all of these happenings and dispute between the co-workers regarding the leadership of the party, many political parties have decided to avail this spontaneous fortune. Accordingly Imran khan is the markedly considered to hit Six on this free hit ball, where on the other side Bilawal Bhutto has also filed his nomination papers from NA-246. Bilawal’s sister Aseefa Bhutto and father Asif ali zardari will also contest from the seats in Karachi. Social activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir has also decided to take part as an independent candidate.

This Article was written by Staff Member: Mahad Gujjar

Has Imran Khan Lost his Way?

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Imran KhanNo, it does not start from Imran Khan, it starts from the Barack Obama, who is the current president of United States of America (USA). Once, very long time ago, I was listening to speech of Barack Obama, what I liked about his speech was, he not just made the promises, but made promises with supporting stats. About everything he was talking, he was giving the current stats for it, he had proper research done on issues and than was telling, in next year or so, I will improve this thing to this level, that too with stats. You know what I am talking about, the promises with proper stats and complete assessment of current situation of an issue.

Now, things are very different here in Pakistan. Politicians just make the promises, never give those supporting stats, neither they have idea of current situation. But that speech of Obama grabbed my attention to this matter at that time more than ever, I wished for our politicians to adopt that approach.

Back in those days, Imran Khan was not that popular as politician. So, one day I happened to listen his speech to a rally or may be it was a TV talk show, I do not remember much, but the point is, I noticed that day Imran Khan was also talking with supporting facts and figures. It was his first ever talk I was listening to, he was making the promises but in very sensible manner and was stating some facts about the country and was providing the solutions too.

Later on, as he started to talk about the change and putting the more attentions to People’s rights, I had decided to support him in next elections. So I did supported him in 2013 Pakistan General Elections with my vote.

Now just fast forwarding to now, his party is in power in KPK for about 3 years. They did achieved much, they have put attention to the health, they have put attention to depoliticizing the police and we have seen few small infrastructure projects. Also, they have come up with project that will result in Global cleaner environment, plantation of billion trees.

However, there is something missing. And the missing thing same key ingredient with which I have started this article in the first place. The ingredient of those stats which I once used to see in the speeches of Imran Khan. Nor Imran Khan neither the KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak have lately been seen with those stats about things. I mean, telling the people anout situation of everything with current stats and than levels to which you will improve it in next year. This tells me that Imran Khan have lost his way, he is now more of a political player, who wants to bring the change but does not have all those supporting stats.

Its not just stats, KPK government promised to make a metro project in Peshawar and much much later they are seen asking the land from Pakistan Railways, not sure how they think they have right on that land. So criticizing the feds is one thing, but you got to prove you are better.

So I am rightfully forced to think that Imran Khan have lost his way, but seeing his track record, I have not lost all the hopes. I hope to see him do much more in coming years in KPK, I hope to see him talk with stats next time when he do talk in any public meeting. Finally, he needs to get his old way back to get my vote once again. That is talk with stats, set clear goals for next year, than talk with same stats on end of year and tell people how much have been achieved.

Its the last chance for KPK government to adopt these methods, as just 2 years are remaining. So, start now and you will have something to compare with on end of year. So must adopt this for last two years.

With all that said, currently no politician in the country make promises with people of Pakistan with supporting stats, they say “load shedding will be ended soon”, not with the exact solid exact current stats, not a solid deadline and finally no details of how they intend to do that. So I will bound to call such stat less promises the “lame” ones.

Pakistani Nation now deserves that politician does not make the lame promises with them. They deserve to know when their problems will be solved and how they will be solved. So that “HOW” can only be addressed with those supporting stats. So the Feds as well as all provinces need to adopt this approach. May Allah Bless Pakistan.