Petroleum prices decreased in Pakistan wef Oct 1, 2022

As the new month of October 2022 starts, Govt of Pakistan also got active and decided to pass on some benefit of reduction in global oil prices to the people of Pakistan. So following are the new prices of Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene oil.

Petroleum ProductNew Price (Rs)Old Price (Rs)Difference (Rs)
High Speed Diesel235.30247.43-12.13
Kerosene Oil191.83202.02-10.19
Light Diesel Oil186.50197.28-10.78
New Petroleum Prices Effective From 1st Oct, 2022

People of Pakistan were eagerly waiting and expecting reduction in petroleum prices after the reduction in price of global Crude Oil prices. Some people including the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) are attributing the reduction in petroleum prices with the appointment of Ishad Dar as new Finance Minister of the country. However, whatever was the reason, it will be sigh of relief in minds many Pakistanis, after seeing these price reductions. Obviously, much more is needed in this regard. People would like to have much more reduced price which is given after reducing the Govt taxes to the minimum possible level.

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