Pakistan vs India world cup cricket 2011 semi final match to be played today, stakes are high

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Mohali India will host one Pakistan VS India cricket match today which is going to be on of the biggest matches of cricket history.  Pakistan and India both have won world cups before but never have been against each others in any big matches. So history is going to be made today. Ever issues have been going on between India and Pakistan as countries, they even fought few wars against each other, so people of each country are always interested in seeing their country win in match whenever a match is played between team Pakistan and team India.

People of both countries are again extremely excited about the World Cup Cricket 2011 semi-final match featuring the rivals from sub-continent.  As Pakistan and India are neighboring countries to each other, on both sides of border people are busy praying for their teams everyone in their own way and busy wishing the best of luck to their team while hoping for the best.

For a Pakistani or an Indian it would be least acceptable to see their own team. But yes one thing to be excepted by people of both countries that its after all a game a one of team will win. Moving forward to who will win this match, this is a question no one can surely answer today before match itself takes places. Both the teams have performed well in this world cup and made their presence felt. Specially Pakistan was on top of their group in their league matches, team India was in other team though.

Team India have home advantage today but that as well gets nullified by the tremendous home crowd pressure on them who will not tolerate any mistakes by Indian, also in those cases instant reactions from crowd may also be seen. On other side team Pakistan will also have to deal with pressures, after all its a Pakistan India match and when Pakistan India cricket match is happening the stakes are high, and when stakes are high pressure is certainly high.

Lets see how both teams handle pressure and get able to take control of opponents. Indian media also have been on its negative roles last few days, even if Pakistani players are doing bowling practice they have tried to portray it as some evil planning of Pakistani bowlers to attack bodies of Indian players with bowls. Its too much funny and unprofessional, while Indian media have been on its negative role, Pakistani media acted positively and promoted the game of cricket between both countries as just a game, but Indian media seem to have been gone too much far in negativity.

Today’s game is going to be real exciting even Pakistan government,  provincial governments  and some private organizations as well have announced full day and half day holidays today. Moreover in Pakistan in big cities as well as less developed areas people have setup big screen where they will watch today’s match along with their friends, neighbors, people of their ares/cities  as well as big screens have also been setup in educational institutions and Universities etc. Out door and In door screens also have been setup in restaurants and then their are those who are planning to enjoy the match in their homes with their families. This is the excitement level being seen here today in Pakistan and I believe situation in India would be no different than this.

Finally as a Pakistani I would hope that team Pakistan wins today’s cup and makes it to the final for good. Any team advancing to finals today will face Sri Lanka in world cup cricket 2011 finals, who have already beat New Zealand in their semi-final match yesterday.

Best of luck Pakistan elven for their match against India today in Mohali, the prayers of all Pakistanis would be with their players on each bowl no matter team Pakistan is batting or bowling. May Allah bless our team, us all and our country.

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ICC World Cup India into the semi-final against Pakistan after beating Australia

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India Pakistan cricket match is the one which is always waited by people of both countries. Its thought as something more than a game. Considering the hostile relationship there have been between India and Pakistan, considering all those wars in past and stuff, this match is always considered a thing of national pride.

Game is after all a game, and must not be considered anything more than that  but still some people don’t think that way. Anyways, India Pakistan matches are always exciting, many people from both countries were hoping that at some point in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 both the teams will meat each other.

A series of events including “Pakistan beating Australia in their last match of World Cup first round” and “India beating Australia in Quarter final” made it possible that Pakistan and India will now meat in semi-finals. This will ensure that one team from sub-continent is in the final and being a Pakistani I will obviously hope for my country to pull it off and go forward to finals.

India Pakistan matches are exciting, not only for people of these two countries but also followed by cricket enthusiasts world over. As both of teams give their best to stay at top of each other in turn providing a good cricket match.

This time stakes are even higher, winning team will not only have the happiness of getting on top of traditional rival but will also have the opportunity to go over and win the world cup tournament are at least playing into the finals. I would say for both these teams, it is a final match match before the actual final match, so this way winning team will have pleasure of competing in two final matches.

Hope green shirts do well and brings the world cup trophies back home. To conclude who ever wins, it will be a good competition, then game is after all just a game, so just have fun when you watch/follow this great upcoming game.

Pakistan Wins against West Indies in Cricket World cup 2011 Quarter Final match

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West Indies won the toss and elected to bat first in Quarter final Match of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 being held between West Indies and Pakistan. With the bat West Indians were not able to do well against the Pakistani bowling. West Indies were all out after doing just 112 runs all team out in 43.3 overs. The best scores on West Indians score card were S. Chanderpaul (44) and RR Sarwan (24). Most of other batsmen got out without even entering the double figures. There were also four ducks on the West Indian score card.

On other side Pakistani bowlers have done very well, it all started in third over with the wicket of Chris Gayle and there was no looking back then. Back to back wickets broken the back of West Indian batting, in Pakistan bowling side the leading wicket takers were Shahid Afridi (4), Muhammad Hafeez (2) and Saeed Ajamal(2). Umer Gul and Abdul Razzaq also took two wickets each. So collectively Pakistani bowlers done awesome job in containing the West Indians to just 112.

Pakistan also done awesome job with the bat and West Indians also look ineffective in this department as well. Kamran Akmal and Muhammad Hafeez started for Pakistan with the bat and were able to do good job as openers. Start was real aggressive  and Pakistan were able to reach 100 runs with without a wicket. Muhammad Hafeez and Kamran Akmal are now batsmen out from Pakistan side, lets see if they can pull of to the victory without any one of them being out.

They were very much able to pull of the victory and Pakistan won by 10 wickets. Kamran Akmal scored 47 and Hafeez contributed to the score with his stunning 61 runs.

Pakistan vs Australia Cricket World cup 2011, Pakistan’s impressive victory

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Pakistan cricket team performed tremendously in world cup 2011 match against Australia and won the match. Australia was on winning streak after worldcup1999 and was winning all their worldcup matches continuously throughout in three world cups coming in between.

Last time Australians lost was in 1999 cricket world cup against Pakistan and now again the team which broken Australian winning streak was team Pakistan. Australia is team ranked currently ranked number one on ICC Cricket rankings. Overall Pakistan and Australia played 8 ODI matches in world cups and each team have won 4 of them.

Australia won the toss and decided to bat first, after that it was all disappointment for Australian team against Pakistan. Australian batsmen struggled big time against Pakistani bowlers and no one was even able to score a 50. Best scores from Australian team were Brad Haddin(42), Michal Clarke(34) and Steven Smith(25). A number of em gone back with ducks or single figures. Australia was all out on 176 in under 47 overs.

Pakistani bowling was outstanding and was team work in terms of sending Australian teams back to pavilion as each bowler took at least one wicket with Umar Gul (3) and Aubdul Razzaq (2) wickets standing tall.

Pakistan batting was also quite a success as they achieved the target in 41 overs with loss of 6 wickets. Best scores from Pakistan side were Asad Shafiq (46) and Umar Akmal (44) and Younas Khan (31).

From Australian side Bret Lee was only successful bowler who was able to take 4 wickets, Micheal Johnson and Jason Krejza were able to take one wicket each.

14 teams are participating in this world cup divided in two groups. Pakistan is now on top of its group as per points after winning from Australia. This will put Australia on fourth place in the group, that way they will be facing South Africa in quarter finals, which will eliminate one top team from the world cup. Few matches are remaining before decision of all quarter final matches but it is expected that Pakistan will meat West Indies in their Quarter Final Match.

So far Pakistan have played 6 matches in world cup 2011 and won 5 of them and lost only one and that was against New Zealand.

Hope team Pakistan team continues their good performance in coming matches and brings the world cup trophy back home. Remember this world cup tournament had to take place in Pakistan but was shifted to Srilanka, India and Bangladesh due to security situation back in Pakistan.  Green shirts are now very much in position to make up for this by bringing the trophy back home. Pakistanis had been cricket world champs after winning world cup cricket 1992. They also had been cricket world champs after winning world cup twenty twenty tournament in recent past  years. Current cricketing side  of Pakistan is very much capable of repeating the history in terms of bringing the World Cup trophy back home. So lets hope for the best.

New Zealand defeated Pakistan in forth ODI of World Cup Cricket 2011

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Team Pakistan was not able to uphold their winning streak in World Cup Cricket 2011 when they lost a match against New Zealand. New Zealand batted first, Ross Taylor was the bats man who made 131 runs, other big score from New Zealand side was from the opener Martin Guptill who scored 57. New Zealand while batting first were able to do 302 runs.

Their is another side story this tremendous success of New Zealand with the bat, that is poor fielding performance from Pakistan side. Worst of them was from the wicket keeper who dropped few catches as well as not responded to few very easy stump opportunities. From last two days there is too much buzz about these blunders of wicket keeper in match against the Kiwis, however the captain and coach of team, they told the despite the poor performance in previous match they will retain the Kamran Akmal as keeper of the team during all the remaining matches of world cup. Which is fair enough decision, he must be given chance to make things right in coming matches; specially when he realizes the issue with his performance in last match.

However it was not all bad with performance of Kamran Akmal but while batting the whole Pakistan team was not able to perform well against Kiwis. Whole team was out just under 42 overs. Best score was from 62 and Umar Akmal did 38 and Umar gul did 34, beyond that the score card was just disappointing with lots of ducks and single figure scores.

While chasing the target of 303 to win Green Shirts were able to score just 192 in under 42 overs and lost all their wickets at that point. What green shirts have to do is to figure out the causes of this defeat and prepare better for the next match, they need to stay focus and try to win all coming matches so that they can bring the Cricket World cup 2011 back home. They are very much capable of doing that, so best of to team Pakistan for upcoming matches.

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