Pakistan vs India world cup cricket 2011 semi final match to be played today, stakes are high

Mohali India will host one Pakistan VS India cricket match today which is going to be on of the biggest matches of cricket history.  Pakistan and India both have won world cups before but never have been against each others in any big matches. So history is going to be made today. Ever issues have been going on between India and Pakistan as countries, they even fought few wars against each other, so people of each country are always interested in seeing their country win in match whenever a match is played between team Pakistan and team India.

People of both countries are again extremely excited about the World Cup Cricket 2011 semi-final match featuring the rivals from sub-continent.  As Pakistan and India are neighboring countries to each other, on both sides of border people are busy praying for their teams everyone in their own way and busy wishing the best of luck to their team while hoping for the best.

For a Pakistani or an Indian it would be least acceptable to see their own team. But yes one thing to be excepted by people of both countries that its after all a game a one of team will win. Moving forward to who will win this match, this is a question no one can surely answer today before match itself takes places. Both the teams have performed well in this world cup and made their presence felt. Specially Pakistan was on top of their group in their league matches, team India was in other team though.

Team India have home advantage today but that as well gets nullified by the tremendous home crowd pressure on them who will not tolerate any mistakes by Indian, also in those cases instant reactions from crowd may also be seen. On other side team Pakistan will also have to deal with pressures, after all its a Pakistan India match and when Pakistan India cricket match is happening the stakes are high, and when stakes are high pressure is certainly high.

Lets see how both teams handle pressure and get able to take control of opponents. Indian media also have been on its negative roles last few days, even if Pakistani players are doing bowling practice they have tried to portray it as some evil planning of Pakistani bowlers to attack bodies of Indian players with bowls. Its too much funny and unprofessional, while Indian media have been on its negative role, Pakistani media acted positively and promoted the game of cricket between both countries as just a game, but Indian media seem to have been gone too much far in negativity.

Today’s game is going to be real exciting even Pakistan government,  provincial governments  and some private organizations as well have announced full day and half day holidays today. Moreover in Pakistan in big cities as well as less developed areas people have setup big screen where they will watch today’s match along with their friends, neighbors, people of their ares/cities  as well as big screens have also been setup in educational institutions and Universities etc. Out door and In door screens also have been setup in restaurants and then their are those who are planning to enjoy the match in their homes with their families. This is the excitement level being seen here today in Pakistan and I believe situation in India would be no different than this.

Finally as a Pakistani I would hope that team Pakistan wins today’s cup and makes it to the final for good. Any team advancing to finals today will face Sri Lanka in world cup cricket 2011 finals, who have already beat New Zealand in their semi-final match yesterday.

Best of luck Pakistan elven for their match against India today in Mohali, the prayers of all Pakistanis would be with their players on each bowl no matter team Pakistan is batting or bowling. May Allah bless our team, us all and our country.

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