ICC World Cup India into the semi-final against Pakistan after beating Australia

India Pakistan cricket match is the one which is always waited by people of both countries. Its thought as something more than a game. Considering the hostile relationship there have been between India and Pakistan, considering all those wars in past and stuff, this match is always considered a thing of national pride.

Game is after all a game, and must not be considered anything more than that  but still some people don’t think that way. Anyways, India Pakistan matches are always exciting, many people from both countries were hoping that at some point in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 both the teams will meat each other.

A series of events including “Pakistan beating Australia in their last match of World Cup first round” and “India beating Australia in Quarter final” made it possible that Pakistan and India will now meat in semi-finals. This will ensure that one team from sub-continent is in the final and being a Pakistani I will obviously hope for my country to pull it off and go forward to finals.

India Pakistan matches are exciting, not only for people of these two countries but also followed by cricket enthusiasts world over. As both of teams give their best to stay at top of each other in turn providing a good cricket match.

This time stakes are even higher, winning team will not only have the happiness of getting on top of traditional rival but will also have the opportunity to go over and win the world cup tournament are at least playing into the finals. I would say for both these teams, it is a final match match before the actual final match, so this way winning team will have pleasure of competing in two final matches.

Hope green shirts do well and brings the world cup trophies back home. To conclude who ever wins, it will be a good competition, then game is after all just a game, so just have fun when you watch/follow this great upcoming game.

2 thoughts on “ICC World Cup India into the semi-final against Pakistan after beating Australia

  1. when I watch match ind v/s pak its feel not like anti pak as before we felt.I as an indian very happy that we won the match. but same side we are very sad that pak loose match. but as we know only one team will win. so be a indian friend i request to all my pakistani bro and sisters to pls gives you well wishes and you support to india to win the world cup.
    for me its both the same thing if pak win or india. we the people of pak and india now educated so much that we can understand that its just a game. pls don’t take it personally.
    Expecting same feeling from your side

    1. Kumar I am very much pleased after reading this comment from you. Really that is the point, even if there were some misunderstandings between our nations, they have to be forgotten, and collectively we need to move on.

      As you said now more and more people of both nations are educated, now only just game, they also know now, or must know that the betterment of both nations is in living in peace, if thats achieved we can go further and have trade with each other and together can be more prospers. When world from outside sees that there is going to be long term peace in these countries then also the foreign inverters will think of more big ventures and together we grow.

      Media of both countries also have big role, disappointingly some disappointing statements/reports from few Indian channels came about Pakistan team which were fully pointless. Media of both countries will have to play some positive roles.
      Also as for as people of both countries are concerned they very not only except each other but also want to live in peace with with each other. Its however the corrupt politicians of both countries who in the past have cause of misunderstandings and few battles as well with each other.

      BTW, congratulations to you and your team on winning the World Cup once again.

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