PTI Gives Schedule for Azadi March and decide to March in Small Groups

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Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) chairman Imran Khan is scheduled to leave from Lahore with other PTI leaders and supporters/participants of Azadi March after 10 am on 14th August. To stop PTI’s Azadi March Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) Led Federal and Punjab government have started arresting the workers of PTI.

But according to PTI, arresting the PTI workers will only heighten their morals and they are destined to reach Islamabad, no matter what happens. Also in last few days in every press conference and in every speech the chairman of PTI Imran Khan have repeatedly said that they have already given lots of time to government, they will not do any compromise now and PTI’s Azadi March will take place in any case whatsoever.

PTI Flag as it prepares for Azadi March

Also Imran Khan have reportedly told media that they are now well passed the stage of negotiations with PML-N or Nawaz Sharif, now only negotiations can happen after Azadi March reaches the capital city Islamabad. On other hand Government is moving it every part and department to stop long march. They have put countless shipping containers on all small and big highways, roads, unpaved paths and even streets in area diameter of 500 KMs all the way from Lahore to Capital city Islamabad and its twin city of Rawalpindi.

Qadri – Who’s inqilab march is taking place on same date – as well as Imran Khan and followers of both of these leaders posses the views that in constitution of Pakistan nothing stops anyone from protesting peacefully and all the efforts of current PML-N led government are unconstitutional.

Azadi March’s leaders and workers are very well prepared to remove the containers and other hurdles government have set in their way from Lahore to Islamabad. They have arranged their personal crane and other equipment which will help remove the government’s hurdles. Government have placed containers to stop roads and they time have stacked them onto each other, not only this they are filled with dirt, sand and concrete so they can’t be moved easily. Plus lots of dirt is placed around containers to increase problems of participants of Azadi March. On lots of places holes are dug on roads to slow down the Azadi Marchers. Even dirt filled shipping containers, surrounded by dirt are further surrounded by barbed wire.

PML-N have placed several hundred layers of containers and accompanying hurdles in the way of Azadi March, so the speculation wouldn’t be wrong that Azadi March and Inqilab march can take days to reach Islamabad. However, despite all these hurdles the PTI workers’ moral are high and according to Imran Khan they are destined to reach the capital city in any case.

Dunya News reports about Azadi March schedule like following.

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Arsalan Iftikhar got slapped three times by Murad Saeed in recording of new show of Absar Alam

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Murad saeed (on right) allegedly slapped Arsalan Iftikhar (on left)
Murad saeed (on right) allegedly slapped Arsalan Iftikhar (on left)

Murad Saeed allegedly slapped Arsalan Iftikhar thrice in a TV show being recorded for today evening. Arsalan Iftikhar is son of Iftikhar Choudhary (former Chief Justice of Pakistan) and Murad Saeed is Member National Assembly (MNA) belongs to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) a political party led by Imran Khan.

This news is circulating all over social media, facebook and specially twitter. As show is yet to go live, so no video of incident is yet available. Apparently the news was broken on internet by a New York times correspondent Salman Masood in his following tweet.

Do keep any eye, we will keep you updated on this soon.

Another Tweet:


Following is latest video which came forward, its from same channel on which the fight happened. They are claiming that there were no slaps involved but they still have muted the sound on much more than three times, plus camera was not on these to participants of show. So slaps are highly likely which channel seems to be hiding due to some reason. See the mentioned video below, we will bring forward any other stuff we get.

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PTI’s Protest held on 23 Nov 2013 in KPK Against Drone Strikes Turns Out Super Successful

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) a political party led by former cricketer, social worker and politician of the moment Imran Khan had arranged a protest for 23rd Nov 2013 against the drone attacks being held by United States on Pakistani soil. So they the protest rally was held today and tens of thousands of people showed their support for the cause by participating in the rally and it was gone real super successful.

People Gathered to protest against US Drone strikes in Pakistan on PTI's Call
People Gathered to protest against US Drone strikes in Pakistan on PTI’s Call
Pakistanis support PTI and Imran Khan on issue of US Drone Strikes in Pakistan - Cartoon Credit: Tariq Afridi
Pakistanis support PTI and Imran Khan on issue of Drone Strikes in Pakistan – Credit: Tariq Afridi

The protest was held in order to put pressure on United States by stopping the Nato supply which essentially goes through Pakistan to the Nato forces in Afghanistan.

Pakistan does discourage the terrorism and have zero tolerance for any militant groups operating from its soil. But on same time they want the deal with the issue themselves. United States keep targeting people in Pakistan via drone strikes, which ignite the rage in people, why a country first violates the air space of Pakistan then hits the ground targets via drones which much of times also result in the killings of innocent people which have nothing do with terrorism. This also include the killings of woman and children, plus killings or innocent men in many cases. As soon as more innocent get affected by drone strikes in the country, the anger of people against United States increases, that in turn strengthen these militant groups. So drone attacks are fully counter productive.

People of Pakistan along with most of political groups want to deal with the militant groups on its soil but they demand that let us deal with them our way on our land. As drone attacks are not solving the issue, but its just forcing people turn violent specially when drone hits and kills an innocent human being.

Drones does killed some militants in near and far past but they does killed innocent people too, specially women and children. So how do you think they would react to this.

Imran Khan Led PTI along with people of Pakistan are actively protesting against the drone strikes in Pakistan, they do want an end to these drone strikes. First protesting rally was gone very much successful. Its been decided by Imran Khan with his party and People of Pakistan specially Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK – A Pakistani Province) that they will resist to drone strikes in Pakistan. These rallies according to Imran Khan and PTI would continue until United States (US) realize that they should let Pakistanis deal with any militants on their soil. They are always welcome to give any on ground logistic support by approval of Pakistani Government but drone air strikes are not productive and should stop soon.

Rest assured Pakistanis are as peace liking and  as peaceful as any other nation of world, they would eradicate any militant activity on their soil but they will be doing their own way, not via US drones which violate Pakistani airspace without approval of Pakistani government.

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Pakistanis waited long to bring change and revolution through elections

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change and positive revolutionLast few decades have been heavy on Pakistanis as nation. Specially as time passed things gone worse from bad. Things crossed the limit when Zardari led Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) came in to power this last time. Corruption was on its upper limits in last five years, economy was going bad, shortage of sugar and wheat was created, lately Pakistanis have been experiencing the shortage of Natural Gas and Electricity.

Through all these problems Pakistanis as nation hanged on and wanted to bring change through elections. Some violent protests seen but they were nothing as compared to what happened in middle east. While riots were on the peak in middle east like Libya,  Pakistanis were waiting for next elections, so they can go and pick new faces in civilized manner.

In last sixty years right from time when Pakistan came into existence last government was the first which complete its given tenure of five years. This last government ran by PPP was not people friendly in any means but still people have dared to give democracy a chance and let them complete their five years so they don’t come with any excuses like before that they were not given time to deliver what they have to.

Meanwhile, the people were also very angry on government due to they does not delivered what they promised so whole environment started to form. People wanted the change and revolution in they country but they wanted this via elections. In this regard one person named Imran Khan came forward, he through his rallies, press conferences and interviews not only made the people realize that change is now required but he also urged more and more people to bring that change via using the vote on elections day because that was the correct way. He targeted the youth and it payed off, Imran Khan, formar cricketer, world cup winner as cricket captain and owner/initiator of charity hospital called Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center not ready to bring change with the youth of country he believes in. He with his party called Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) is contesting the Pakistan elections 2013 being held on may 13th. PTI brings mostly new faces as candidates, also 35% of them belong to youth, no such thing seen in any party in Pakistan before or even not.

Lately, Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz (PML-N) also tried to step on the bandwagon and they named their efforts as revolution. They must know that they have been in government both provincial as well as federal many times in last few decades, they performed better than PPP but were not succeeded in resolving the core issues of Pakistan also no long term projects were initiated to resolve problems like power shortage.

Now on May 11 the wait of Pakistani nation is over, they need to bring in new faces who are capable of taking country up and running back to developed state. Whoever you want to vote, just do vote, do get out of your homes to elect the people who you believe will do better management of country and will put it back on course of development.

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Who will win Pakistan general elections 2013?

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Pakistan General elections 2013 finaleDifferent sources and surveys are concluding different outcomes of Pakistan elections 2013 but one thing is common in all of them, they are all rating Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Also most surveys suggest that PML-N and PTI will secure more seats than PPP, so the real tough fight is going to be between the PTI and PML-N. Supporters of both parties are confident that their party will secure more seats than the other party.

With the entry of PTI in the game this time, analysts are confident that no party is gonna get two third majority, they go forward in believing firmly that none of the parties are gonna secure 50% of seats because of tough fight between two big parties of this election which are PTI and PML-N. Lately both parties appear to have same kind of popularity and expected to get about equal number of seats.

It is also being told that due to this tough fight between PTI and PML-N whichever party is gone come in power it will not make a solo government but they will have to go for collation with other smaller parties to secure fifty percent majority.

Also as Nawaz Sharif the leader of PML-N have already said they are not making the government in collation with any other party,  but on other hand Imran khan have already done seat adjustment with Sheikh Rasheeds Party, they are also considering Jamat Islami (JI) as potential for collation. So many are confident that Imran Khan  is going to be next prime minister of Pakistan.

This time PTI have convinced more people to vote, specially youth is with Imran Khan, the chairman of PTI. So first time more of educated population and more people in cities are gonna vote.

The final result will come after 11 May 2013, so don’t waste your vote and get out of your home on election day to vote for the individual or party which you think will work for the country better than other.

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