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New CNG Load Shedding Schedule for Punjab from 1st April 2014, CNG to open few hours daily

Punjab government is experimenting with the CNG Load Management plan. According to new CNG Load Shedding Schedule the CNG filling stations will remain open for all seven days but few hours daily. The new schedule will be application from today (April 1, 2014). According to this new schedule CNG filling stations will open 6 hours daily from Monday to Saturday and they will open for 12 hours on Sunday. Open timings are as follows.

Monday to Friday: (10 am to 4 pm) 6 Hours Daily
Sunday: 6 am to Midnight) 12 hours

CNG Filling Station Punjab

According to old schedule the CNG was opening for 3 days in a row per week, which about 45% of time of whole week but now after this new change to schedule the per week hours of CNG opening are even reduced and CNG will now be open only 30% of time as compared to earlier 45%. So by applying this new schedule the Punjab government have now reduced the CNG opening hours per week by epic 15%.

New hours are also odd ones, considering that CNG will open only 6 hours daily, so there will be long queues and queues will mostly comprise of Public transport or commercial vehicles. Timings specially doesn’t suit the most of professionals / Salaried class who are doing the day job. Even if they decide to get some time off from office, its not going to be minutes or half hour, due to long queues of commercial and Public transport vehicles people may have to wait for their turn for at least 1.5 to 2 hours in day time which is not possible for most of day workers, specially if that is to be done for one or couple of days each week. One other option for that salaried class or day workers would be to ruin their weekend and spend few hours filling their vehicles with CNG.

However, these are most likely possible outcomes of new CNG Load shedding schedule applicable from April 1st. In as week or two the real situation would be in front of us to analyze and may turn out differently, either better or worst. Also lets see how people will react to this new schedule of load shedding of CNG. Now the question is will this change bring any good to people of Punjab Pakistan or not, we will see the response soon. Lets hope for things to get better here in Pakistan.

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Islamabad High Court Orders reopening of CNG in Islamabad and Rest of Potohar Region

CNG filling Queue at a local Pakistani CNG filling StationIn Punjab and Islamabad via an official notification Government had ordered complete shutdown of CNG stations for indefinite period and meanwhile in other provinces CNG (Compress Natural Gas – An Alternate Fuel for vehicles) was being provided on few days of week, each week.

As soon as the shutdown of CNG was ordered for Punjab, CNG Filling Stations’ owners contacted Islamabad High Court for legal proceedings against this unlawful decision, according to CNG filling station owners law protects them in way that such shutdown is illegal.

CNG Stations in Punjab and Islamabad remained shutdown but now however the stay order is come from Islamabad High court and according to which CNG Stations in Potohar Region would remain open from now own according to old schedule, which is opening of CNG on two days in week. Potohar Region comprises of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Attack, Jehlam, Taxila, Wah, Chawkwal and all adjacent areas around these cities. This means CNG will still remain closed in Southern Areas of Punjab which include Lahore, Gujranwala and all adjacent areas.

In Potohar region two opening days are expected to be Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday, we will bring you confirm information soon.

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CNG load shedding schedule for Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Rest of Potohar Region for Nov, Dec 2013 and Jan 2014

As we enter into summer Natural Gas this year as well gone short on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Filling stations as well as in burners of every ones house. Situation till now tells that things doesn’t improved this year they rather gone worse in this Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) Era, as gas vanishes from CNG filling pumps as well as kitchens of our houses.

As per CNG load shedding is concerned its being practiced 5 days each week in this month. Means no CNG for month of November 2013 for 5 days in each week. CNG only open on Wednesday and Thursday each week in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and rest of Potohar Region which includes cities and areas like Attock, Wah, Taxila, Jehlam, Chakri, Chakwal, all adjacent areas to these in addition to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. CNG will even not available for coming months.

Cars in queue to get refueled with CNG

Cars in queue to get refueled with CNG

So here is detailed schedule for Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Rest of Potohar region for Nov, Dec 2013 and Jan 2014.

Nov 2013:

  • Gas Not Available: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
  • Gas Opens (Available): Wednesday, Thursday

Dec 2013: Gas will not be available whole month

Jan 2014: Gas will not be available whole month

CNG may resume back in Feb 2014, we will update you with schedule as soon as we receive details about it.

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Latest CNG load shedding schedule for Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Rest of Potohar Region for Nov, Dec 2013 and Jan 2014

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Latest CNG load shedding schedule for Islamabad, Rawalpindi and rest of Potohar region

Recently according to a news report a different load shedding schedule for CNG filling Pumps in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Potohar region was announced but seems like they have just altered only one to two days for now.

According to this current schedule, CNG Stations are closed for four days each week and only open for three days per week. So all CNG stations are opening for three days which are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. CNG Stations remain close for four days in each week which are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

CNG filling station and vehicles

CNG Association of Pakistan, Sui Northern Gas Pipe Lines Limited (SNGPL) and the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) have been making rapid changes to CNG load shedding schedules lately and it is difficult for people to keep up with latest one.

However, the days mentioned above are ground realities about the most recent schedule. So keep mind you will only get the gas only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, if you reside in Potohar region. Let us remind you that Potohar Region consists of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Attock, Wah, Taxila, Jehlam, Chakwal and all adjacent area of these mentioned cities of Pakistan.

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Another Sudden Change in CNG Load Shedding Schedule in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Rest of Potohar Region

Previously CNG association of Pakistan had changed the CNG Load Shedding schedule in start of September but the have done it again recently. Recently a new schedule of load shedding was announced by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) and CNG association of Pakistan for Potohar region which includes the cities Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Attock, Wah, Jehlam, Chakwal and all areas around these cities.

According to the newly announced schedule the CNG stations will be closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. However, CNG will be available to the public on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Due to this sudden change lots of Vehicle owners and Motorists were unable to get CNG fuel last week on Monday, however it was available on Tuesday.

Cng loadshedding schedule islamabad rawalpindi potohar cng stations

Due to these sudden changes without any announcement, the CNG filling stations owners were also in confusion and everyone was telling his own version of load shedding days. However, their is good chance that this week the things will settle down according to new schedule.

These sudden changes to CNG schedule without informing people must not be done, as they bring bigger irony for motorists with unavailability of fuel in days when transition is happening. However, what we liked about the new schedule is availability of fuel over the weekend. As previously, CNG was not available on Saturday, so it was great pain for people who used to go out of city or people who like to hang out on Saturday.

Lets hope that CNG filling stations owners stick to the newly announced schedule and don’t increase problems for people of Pakistan. Its merit mentioning here, that last week few CNG stations were also on strike due to some reasons about availability of Natural Gas from SNGPL, good news is that, this strike also over and all filling stations are now open for business.

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