Schedule for CNG Load Shedding in Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Rest of Potohar region after Eid Al-Fitr 2014

long queue at a CNG Station in PakistanThis past month Eid days were nothing less than the cool breeze during hot summer for Transporters and Motorists of Punjab as CNG was open on all 5 days of eid, so lots of people had got chance to fill there vehicles with cheap CNG fuel after as long as four months. Before Eid Al-Fitr 2014, during ramadan CNG filling stations were only opening two days in a week, even on those two days it was opening for only 9 hours in a week.. Plus those two days were not consecutive. There was same situation before that specially in province of Punjab, Pakistan. Some transporters still managed to get in lines for long hours and get CNG but for most of private car owners, specially working class, it was just not possible.

Now the Eid days are over, so the fun, again as per government implemented schedule CNG will open on only 2 days of week. Even these 2 days are not consecutive, so people will have to be in long queues. Following is the Schedule of CNG opening days per week in Potohar region of Punjab Pakistan.

  • Opening Days: 2
  • Day 1 ( Monday 6 am to Tuesday 6 am ) – 24 Hours.
  • Day 2 (Thursday 6 am to Friday 6 am ) – 24 Hours.
  • Total 48 hours in a week

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