11 more militants die and 28 arrested in a military operation

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army-in-swatAs part of on going military offensive by Pakistan army, another operation was conducted in swat and Malakand areas. In the operation about 11 more militants were killed and security forces were able to arrest 28 more militants. Along with the others captured from different areas of swat and Malakand seven of the militants belonged to Sufi Muhammad group, these handed over themselves to security forces in Mohmand Agency.

The captured people also include a militants’ commander named as Kabir. Military also recovered  some looted items from the captured militants in some areas. Also four suspected militants were arrested with arms in Chor Banda.

In lower dir district fighter crafts kill 13 insurgents

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fighter-craftIn the Pakistan army’s offensive against the militants now fighter crafts are helping the ground forces in clearing the areas. For same reason the fighter jets bombarded the lower Dir areas and killed at least 13 militants hiding in the areas. Also their 15 hideout locations were destroyed. Deaths of 13 militants are confirmed but the number of killed militants may increase as soon as more deaths are confirmed as about at least 140 militants were hiding in the bombing zone, information revealed by a security official on Sunday while talking to media.

Pakistan army will still continue this operation in districts of swat, buner and dir until they are sure that they have fully eliminated the militants from the area. About 1800 militants and 166 security personals lost their lives in this offensive which was started back in April, 2009 when Taliban militants collapesed all their deals with current government and moved out of Swat to capture the adjoining areas.

NWFP information minister reveals that Sufi Muhammad is arrested

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sufi-muhammadA truce observed previously between the government of Pakistan and the Taliban leader Sufi Muhammad restricted Taliban to an area in swat and allowed them to make their own sharia courts. Also in this truce in February it was demanded by the Taliban to stop the all kinds of violence and fighting in the area. Also they were told to not move further from the swat.

Soon afterwards the  all deals collapsed between the Government and the Taliban leader, and militants started moving in to neighboring districts in the month of April. At same time a military offensive was also launched to stop these militants from moving further into the other areas and eliminate any groups who were actually working against the countries interests and were harming the local citizen of those effected areas.

It was required by this Taliban leader that he keep all his promises and keep everybody safe. But when he was unable to do that and started speaking against the country and in favour of terrorism meanwhile trying to impose his own customised version of Sharia, it was required to stop him. So finally going few months into the military offensive the military was able to arrest the Sufi Muhammad.

PML-N calls on accountibility of Musharaf

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As on Friday a decision came in favor of former Primer Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding the plane hijack case. With this former President Musharaf remains with no Justifications of what he have done. Reminding that being an army chief he had taken over the government on base of that plane hijack case and was elected President afterward via referendum.

Now after the decision came from the Supreme court in favour of ‘Nawaz’, his political party’s spokesman ‘Saddiqul Farooq’ announced that they will make every effort to hold the former president accountable for what ever he done on that base of that fake ‘Plane Hijack case’.

Karachi two bridges collapsed, rains death toll rises to 33

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rain-in-karachiWater from down pour washes out two bridges in the city of Karachi, with this the overall death toll rises to 33 people. Also 70 people injured in different mishaps in the city.  Some people were killed when they were electrocutes in the lines areas, four people died in different areas due to wall collapses, a house collapse in one area killed few people.

The bridges were collapsed in two areas one in Hawks Bay and second one near Airport. The Hawks Bay bridge also disturbed the traffic very much. Also several areas of city are in total darkness due to unavailability of electricity.

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