No taxes on cell phone card recharge till next order says chief justice

Chief Justice of Pakistan has increased the period of no tax deduction on mobile prepaid cards or recharge in any way. Mian Saqib Nisar had ordered earlier to not deduct any tax from mobile cards as the consumers will get 100% of the credit for 15 days. The mentioned time has been expired but the Chief Justice orders to continue it until the next order. The Chief Justice remarked that the deduction of tax was not for the limited time and it will continue until the further orders, plus he didn’t mention any specific time for the next orders.  Chief Justice said, “It was said that the decision to suspend tax deduction on mobile balance was for a limited time […]

PTCL Launched 36Mbps CharJi Evo Wireless Internet but with unrealistic data limits

Recently PTCL have launched its next evo wireless device and claimed 36Mbps data transfer speed. Devices include normal EVO Dongle as well as Wifi cloud device to which different devices can connect using WiFi. Things are very much good till that point, after all we are getting unmatched wireless internet speed which none other have offered yet, but real problem arises when we look at data plans and their tariff which are as follows. They are offering two packages at the moment, both are available in Prepaid/Postpaid plans CharJi Gold – 50 GB Data Volume/Month – Charges: Rs. 3500/Month CharJi Chrome – 25 GB Data Volume/Month – Charges: Rs. 2000/Month After looking at two of these data planes anyone would […]

No mobile service in Karachi on Sunday 20th July

Current government continues the tradition to suspend the mobile phone services on occasions of special importance. On Sunday Youm-e-Ali will be observed as its 21st of Ramadan. Current government have again came up with excuse of security threat and will be depriving people of Karachi from mobile phone service for whole day. Mobile services will be suspended in Karachi on Sunday at 4am in morning and will be resumed back on 11pm late night. Lately, governments in Pakistan have been unable to tackle security issues using affective intelligence and they resort to mobile service suspension to tackle a security threat, which is counter affective and results in lack of communication means for general public. Plus people get unable to make […]

Pakistan finally gets 3G and 4G mobile technologies today

Today’s sun will rise with shining its rays on invisible waves of 2nd Generation GSM gsm. But by the time it will be setting, things will not be the same. By that time amongst five of Pakistani telecommunication operators three would have have 3G and 4G licenses. Which means they would be able to offer latest telephony and data services to their subscribers. In terms of telephone Third Generation (3G) and Fourth Generation (4G) technologies will make the voice much more crystal clear and would open new horizons like video and conference calling with great voice clarity. In terms of data now internet speeds over cell phones would break the barriers of old 15KB/s and will be increased by at […]

Bandwidth Hungry Pakistani Cell Phone Subscribers Hope to get 3G & 4G Soon as Per Announced Schedule

Long ago I remember there was a time when most people in United States were on AMPS mobile phone networks (1st Generation Technology) and most of Pakistani people were already using 2nd Generation GSM technologies. This came as part of IT and Telecom revolution which was made possible by none other than Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, Pakistan’s IT/Telecom Minister in Musharraf’s era. But as soon as that Atta-ur-Rehman irra gone away, things changed. A very well known regulatory authority “Pakistan Telecommunication Authority” was dragged into the politics in President Zardari’s era and in games of chairman swapping powered by political games Pakistan didn’t got the chance to get to next generation of telecom technologies. The countries which were once on 1st generation […]