“Add This” Plugin Added

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We have installed an add this plugin here, so all the visitors will see a button below each post, with that button you can share you favorite posts/news on social networks and social bookmarking websites. This will help our visitors in sharing the content to their friends and family and will help us in reaching … Continue reading “Add This” Plugin Added

Pakistan Army starts operation against taliban in Lower Dir

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Taliban who were continuously moving towards the capital and were also indulged in inhuman activities will now have to face Pakistan’s military. This all was in result of NWFP Government and local public’s result. This would be a great relief for local residents but at the moment they have started leaving their homes and started … Continue reading Pakistan Army starts operation against taliban in Lower Dir

Pakistan – Use ATM Carefully

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It is observed that street crimes are now incresing also in Pakistan. But with the advancement of technology the criminals some times now leave stuff behind, which can be used to get to them in future. I wish our police get efficient enough to catch these black fishes. Similarly over the recent past two robberies … Continue reading Pakistan – Use ATM Carefully

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