US feels threat from Pakistan tribal region more than Afghanistan

White HouseUS asked Pakistan Army for better co-operation in cleaning the so called safe heavens for Al-Quaida in the tribal region in Pakistan. A meeting of war council was held in the white house, focus was the Pakistan. It was revealed by the officials after the meeting that the war council will have its new role in Pakistan.

They added that the real threat to America now does not exist in Afghanistan, they are feeling the real threat from the Pakistani Tribal Areas and also their new role will help them coping with their concerns. This new role is being named as Pakistan first, but if you see the history this nation have always used others and thought of their country first and nothing else.

Also another thing which needs attention is why this nation don’t let Pakistanis and others cope with the threats on their soil, now for few years they have habit of getting into the other’s stuff and messing up all the things which are getting better. At the moments when Pakistan Army is doing so well to cope with any threats on Pakistan’s soil such statements from US were not required. Also, being the super power how they may have threat minor tribal region of Pakistan.

Also US will ruin how much more countries on the name of Al-Quaida, in my opinion Pakistan Army is doing whatever they can and they are doing very well, so we didn’t need any help from outside Pakistan at the moment.

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