PPP Government fails to cope with Karachi violence

It is evident that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Government does not have and official strategy to cope with Karachi situation. As for months the tensions between political parties in Karachi have led them to use power against each other, this is causing the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians each month. The PPP government is hesitant to take action against culprits because those belong to political parties which are coalition partners of PPP to form the federal government.

The interior minister Rehman Malik keeps on insisting that the solution of Karachi violence is in dialog between those political Parties and on same time PPP led government is taking no ground action to cope the situation with power. Why not PPP government use power and arrest/execute the souls who are killing innocent people in Karachi, why they have wait for those political parties to make peace between them and call for truce or seize fire.

Its responsibility of state to ensure the safety of citizens, PPP led government have to understand, they have to put their own gains behind and work for the betterment of people, but this doesn’t yet came from them. They better address Karachi violence issue and such thousands of unaddressed issues of people of Pakistan or they might not have second chance in government.

On Sunday alone reportedly more than 18 people died in Karachi due to on going target killings, these were the reported deaths, unreported deaths would be additional. These deaths clearly negate the peace restoration claims of interior Minister Rehman Malik and the PPP led government.

Bottom line is either the parties negotiate peace between them or not, there is greater responsibility on PPP because of them being in government. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of people of Pakistan, which they were fully incapable to achieve only because of their incompetence, similarly as they were not able to address thousands of other issues of people of Pakistan.

Its is the time for PPP government to wake up and do, whatever they are suppose to do to protect people of this country and address their problems if they really want to be in government again after next elections.

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