Twitter and Facebook remains blocked in Pakistan after Imran Khan’s arrest

As of now, twitter and Facebook are inaccessible in Pakistan. On May 9, 2023, at around 8 PM the curbs on social media were seen after countrywide protests were erupted in reaction to the arrest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan and people started sharing videos and their views. Soon also indicated hundreds of reports of social media websites and apps being inaccessible in Pakistan.

Initially the websites like twitter and facebook were partially accessible but videos etc were not loading. That means certain aspects of services were being restricted and certain content types like videos etc were being stopped from getting across. However, as of 10:40 am next morning, Facebook and twitter are fully inaccessible while youtube remains open.

Twitter was the very first service which got the attention of administration, as it is very effective tool in propagating the information and videos of political rallies, protests or emergency situations, specially when the mainstream media is not allowed to cover the same.

Governments must realize that any curbs on social media and means of communications is violation of basic human rights in this day and age. However, in Pakistan it have become a usual thing. Whenever a government does a decision which is unpopular with people, to hide the people’s reaction, the curbs on social media are introduced. Same is happening here today.

In today’s day and age, social media sites and apps are not only the tools to communicate, they are very effective business and marketing tools. So by blocking them, you are not only stopping the flow of information but also affecting the livelihoods of people.

Also, it does not send a good message to the global community when you start to restrict and stop your own people from communicating with each other. Again, this is nothing less than violation of basic human rights in today’s day and age.

To see the latest status of common social media websites and apps in Pakistan, you can check

One thought on “Twitter and Facebook remains blocked in Pakistan after Imran Khan’s arrest

  1. It’s disappointing to hear that Twitter and Facebook remain blocked in Pakistan following Imran Khan’s arrest. Blocking social media platforms is a violation of basic human rights and hinders the free flow of information. In addition to communication, these platforms serve as essential tools for business and marketing purposes. Such restrictions not only impact livelihoods but also send a negative message to the global community. It’s crucial for governments to respect the rights of their citizens in the digital age.

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