Twitter and Facebook remains blocked in Pakistan after Imran Khan’s arrest

As of now, twitter and Facebook are inaccessible in Pakistan. On May 9, 2023, at around 8 PM the curbs on social media were seen after countrywide protests were erupted in reaction to the arrest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan and people started sharing videos and their views. Soon also indicated hundreds of reports of social media websites and apps being inaccessible in Pakistan. Initially the websites like twitter and facebook were partially accessible but videos etc were not loading. That means certain aspects of services were being restricted and certain content types like videos etc were being stopped from getting across. However, as of 10:40 am next morning, Facebook and twitter are fully inaccessible while youtube remains open. […]

Pakistanis locked out of millions of websites as Login with Facebook is not working due to social media blockage

In Pakistan after PMLN led government failed to disperse the protestors at Faizabad, basically to prevent the people from knowing the current situation, government took steps which affected lives of millions of Pakistanis. One such step was blocking the social media. Blockade of social media in itself is act which tried to prey on the people’s right of information. But there even more damaging consequences of it, which people of Pakistan had to bear. One such example is “Login with Facebook”. Almost every internet user knows it very well what “Login with Facebook” is. Also, almost every website which requires users to login to their system provide the feature to people to login to the via Facebook. So People instead […]

How to Watch Pakistani News Channels Online as they are Vanished from TV Cable networks after start of Faizabad Operation

After start of Faizabad operation today, all the news channels were instructed via PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority), to NOT cover the operation live. However, later on suddenly the news channels were vanished from all tv Cable network. Currently all news channels are not being show on cable networks in Pakistan. Reportedly all of this is being done by via PEMRA by ordering Cable networks to not show the News Channels. However, an alternate is watch these channels online. But last time I checked the live URLs of new channels like geo tv were also being blocked. As I was not able to access In such situation there is one service on which you can rely on and […]

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Whatsapp Web Blocked in Pakistan Right Now

Today in early morning government of Pakistan finally decided to use force against faizabad protestors in Islamabad. So they started an operation by thinking that it will be over in couple of hours and everything will be normal. But looks like the government’s plan of dispersing the protestors backfired. First, the forces fought at faizabad for six hours and than later on again to disperse them. But not only they were not successful but in reaction to the “forced action” attempt, many people in different cities of Pakistan took it to the streets and country wide protests started against the current government. In every city now there are many people protesting on streets and on many places conflicts were happened […]

Youtube is not blockable, it never was

It is well over one year now that is officially blocked in Pakistan. But are people of Pakistan really unable to access the website? The answer is no, the site is very much accessible. Its not only accessible through few alternate methods in Pakistan, its just being accessed by every eight out of ten people using different methods to get around the ban. People are using the proxy websites or in some cases some free VPN softwares are being used to bypass the blockade of youtube. Plus its an established fact that government have not been able to block any secure links yet, yes I am talking about the links over SSL or put it like this, the links […]