Too much politics in Pakistan

Our so called leaders and the ones in opposition is these days seems to be indulged in too much politics. The ones in Power are doing less for people and are very much more indulge in blaming the past governments for all the shortcomings or in efficiency. On other side similarly the opposition parties as well are indulged in the blame game, they are asking all the wrong questions at the moment and just talking. Not making a good use of platforms they have.

i.e. If some one from opposition says they have proofs against the government indulging in corruption, instead of taking them to courts they are weeping in front of people of Pakistan. Similarly, if someone don’t like the moves of Government, instead of taking the things in front of parliament or debating the objectionable acts in parliament they again come in front of public and start over the blame game again. I won’t even blame PTI (Imran Khan’s Party) in this as they didn’t participated in last elections and have no representation in parliament, also other parties like this.

But the ones in some power, why they don’t take matters seriously and discuss them democratically in the parliament. Government in fact is not performing these days at all, not able to solve any of people’s issues, event the stature and sovereignty of states some times seems shaked.

But lets not get involved in blame game but start doing the right thing by using the viberent media as well as the free judiciary to bring the black sheeps on spot lite and get delt with them.

If we talk of media itself its doing great job on its own to reveal the true face to these p0liticians of today. Major channels even bring political talk shows every evening from 7pm to 11pm. They invite politician from in power, from the opposition, even those who are in no power at all as well as the annalists. The representatives of government and political parties are asked all the right questions, even they shouted on in these shows and told for God sake do few good things at least. They even are embarrassed more than once daily, but then again they keep focus on doing nothing for people of Pakistan but playing the blame game. Everyone who is asked about the work they have done starts blaming the ones who were in power 10 years ago.

The point is there is too much pointless politics here in Pakistan. Same is reason people of Pakistan also had to get themselves indulged in it to understand who is right.  But people unlike past this time are much more aware. What they want is work on ground instead of politics, same is the reason everyone this time is thinking change and talking of revolution in country.

May Allah bless our country with people who do right things, ask right questions and are truly willing to revive our country in every aspect. Plus when you have time, do think how you can play some positive role in that new Pakistan, I am leaving this to you.

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