How was year 2011 for Pakistan

Year 2011 was really not encouraging for Pakistan and it’s people. There were lots of discouraging events but few developments which came as future’s ray of hope for people of Pakistan. Lets have a look on few events and other stuff of 2011 which directly impact the country or its people.

US Drone Attacks Continued

US Drone attacks were continued through out the year in year 2o11. Pakistan’s Ruling party PPP was not able to negotiate a solution or strategy in this matter. Though US says these attacks are aimed at terrorists but on ground along with any terrorists the attacks also caused the death of women, children and lots of innocent people.

Ruling government kept pretending to opposing them but have not took any solid steps. My point is even if culprits are there the country’s own government should take action via their army not any unmanned Arial vehicle controlled by someone sitting on other side of globe. Biggest concern here is loss of lives of innocent people of Pakistan.

May 01, 2011: US invasion to take out Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad Pakistan

Again a dark day for the country because US forces were able to invade thousand’s of miles inside the country without alerting the Pakistani forces. On other side Pakistani forces were not able to detect this invasion, some say they may have been ordered to keep quite.

Its not that we any way support or supported Osama but the point is in this operation Pakistan army would have been a role and a joint operation would have been taken care of things.

Also, the fact that Pakistani radars were not able to detect US helicopters was most upsetting for people of Pakistan, brought the sense of national insecurity among the people.

Ruling Pakistan peoples party was also blamed much later as they were unable to respond quickly and correctly. Also later found changing their stance on issue multiple times. As people demanded that Pakistan forces should have been part of the operation, how our close ally can invade our airspace and run their own operation in our soil without letting the local forces know.

Difficulties of People of Pakistan:

2011 was overall very bad for people of Pakistan and most of people of the country are agreed on a thing that if ruling party (PPP) would have put some of its attention on real problems of people of Pakistan things would have been much better. Lets see what people of Pakistan faced.

Electricity Shortages: Year 2011 started with electricity shortages and worst load shedding of all time and ending with the same situation. Summers were worst period for Pakistan people where in some areas load shedding of even 16 to 18 hours were witnessed but the winters were also worst of all with up 8 hours of load shedding. Prices of electricity were also kept increasing.

Electricity shortages caused losses to industry, in turn causing many closures and loss of jobs for people of Pakistan. Increasing the joblessness and poverty. No solid steps again by government this year and things only gone worse.

Natural Gas/CNG Shortages: Pakistan again saw worst of all time natural gas shortages. First Government kept encouraging the transporters to convert onto the  CNG and as this happened the Gas gradually gone short. Also it effected the house hold consumers. Now situation is that in most country of people of Pakistan are not able cook food on peak hours and mostly have no gas at all when required. Seen people going on alternates like wood even in cities.

This again caused closures for may industries leaving people jobless and more people pushed below the poverty line.

Inflation: Gas, Electricity, Fuel and food prices gone too much up and only due to mismanagement of government of the country. Specially profit on fuel is being made without realizing that increase in fuel prices fire the inflation rates as everything have to be transported or even fuel is used in industry where goods are made.

Human Right Violations: Worst human right violations were seen in Pakistan this year.

  • In Khroatabad some national security officials opened fire on few foreigners, suspecting them as threat and later found out they were unarmed. This incident killed few of those people.
  • Later a doctor was also killed recently who had told after examining the bodies that those foreigners were killed by the bullet of security officials. Though doctor was receiving threats and he had mentioned this, he was even attacked earlier but government of country was not able to protect him.
  • In June 2o11 and unarmed boy despite ending up in custody of rangers in Karachi was killed by rangers brutally. They were able to make case against boy and getting away with it easily but later a video revealed by a Pakistani professional  news cameraman, now these ranger officials are arrested and charged with a murder.
  • Law ‘n’ Order Situation of Karachi have been flaming issue of Pakistan this year. Government claimed many victories but the truth is they did not took any fair actions to restore Law ‘n’ Order situation of Karachi. Still people are being  killed as thousand killed in year 2011 in Karachi.


People of Pakistan agree on the one thing that year 2011 was the year when corruption not only prevailed but it took down some of very valuable departments/assets of Pakistan. Among the countless stories few are as follows.

Pakistan Railways: Pakistan railways saw worst of all times in year 2011 due to internal corruption. Again lead by individuals from PPP. Who didn’t seem interested in making things better in contrast we heard statements from minister like in

‘Iran’ and ‘Afghanistan’ there is no railway, they are surviving.

This is not from someone who is xyz of government, but its the person who’s job is to take care of department and create new possibilities.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA):  Condition of PIA was no different than the railways. Corruption was on peaks. Due to lake of management number of planes were grounded, people faced delays even cancellations of flights. PIA was not even able to transport the Pilgrims to Saudi Arabia and back home with causing troubles for them.

Hajj Controversy: Second consecutive years pilgrims from Pakistan were charged much more in contrast they were provided worst facilities and people were not fully able to concentrate at their worship. Again it was obvious that corruption took place this year too and people were not provided with promised facilitates.

Pakistan Floods

Again 2011 floods struck the remote areas badly. Government again seems hesitating in reaching out the people and enough was not done. Private organizations and some foreign aid though reached to the victums. Also people delt stuff on their own but government did not had any thing special for people. Even on some placed people with power manipulated the water ways in a way that they saved their lands but on cast of poor who had much more to loose, government did nothing in that case as well.

Cricket World Cup 2011

Cricket world cup 2011 was the uniting force for people people of Pakistan. This was time hearts of Pakistanis were beating together. Though Pakistan team was not able to bring the world cup home but being the runners up in times when country is passing through the turmoils was achievement of team captain Afridi and rest of the players. Pakistanis all over country closely followed the tournament together, even at points the tournament acted as uniting force for Pakistanis when they celebrated the victories together.

People of Pakistan Standing up for change

Things took one positive turn when people of Pakistan stood up for change with a new leader Imran Khan who have his Political Party called Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) which means ‘Pakistan Justice Movement’ in English language. People of Pakistan believe their new revolutionary leader can deliver them what they need. Imran Khan was former Pakistani cricketer who brought the World Cup for nation back in 1992.

Later he came up with world’s only Cancer Hospital of its kind, which is from private sector, treats 75% of its patients fully free and world’s best research is going on in this hospital. Imran Khan also came up with only private sector university of Pakistan which is situated in rural areas, offers scholarships to 80% of its students and gives the degree of a renounced foreign university.

As its now obvious Imran Khan have pretty much making things happen for people of Pakistan so people of Pakistan turned to this new leader this year. Educated Youth first realized him as their appropriate next leader who can make all the good changes in near future, polls on social media sites started depicting this. But now people all over the country are supporting him. This also broke backs of other political parties and more and more people now joining PTI. But Imran Khan says he will only go with people who play the fair game and are not corrupt at all.

Hope Year 2011 bring all the Happiness for People of Pakistan. May Allah bless our country.

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