The dark age continues, Govt still says, lights ahead

In 2008 first time the ruling party had claimed that the load shedding will be taken away from the people of Pakistan once and for all on 31st Dec, 2008.  But they didn’t make it, in fact they were not able to bring any improvement. The things were better before, as compared to their rule.

Dark Age Continues

Soon after the ruling party changed their statements, probably they would have checked and planned on back-end, they came up saying the issue of power shortage will be resolved till the June 2009 and the people would have to bare with them. This time this seem to bit realistic and people thought, ok believe them.

But again, as history repeats itself, ruling party was unable to fulfill the promise this time again. But you know what, after letting them down about two times only on this issue our brave leaders came up again with a third promise to cope with power shortage till end of 2009. Actually, according to them it was 31st Dec, 09.

Now its already mid October and ruling party is left with just 2 and half months to fulfill their promise but people of this country observing the load shedding of 6-8 hours in all major cities and even more in the rural areas. Now this thing requires a bigger imagination about how government is going to fulfill their promise in just two and half months.

Other nations have built the space stations and we are not getting able to cope with the basic problems like electricity shortage on national level.

The question is, will the leading party be able to fulfill their promise this time or will always keep telling us to bare with them, showing the public the imaginary lights coming up in their way. Special thing about these special lights is that they move further away from you as soon as you move towards them.

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