The Role Pakistan played in War against terror and to restore peace in world

Like most of countries in the world Pakistan is a peace loving country, they not only aimed to have peace and prosperity in their nation but also fought for the making the world in better place closely guarding our borders and by doing whatever in their capacity to eliminate any entities harmful for human race from their soil.

The recent war against terror which world calls their war and war to save humanity, Pakistan is the country which contributed more than any other nation in this war, our economy, future of our country, lives of our people and much more we have sacrificed just to restore the peace in the world. But the irony is not much of people in world know about what we have lost in this war, US just had few attacks in which few thousand people were died but here in Pakistan several thousand dies as part of restoring the peace to world and million affected including those who had to flee their homes.

Yet our enemy is common, the enemy which was once created and used as ally by US back in 80s and 90 in their war against soviets. They armed these men and achieved their goals against soviets in this region. But as soon as they had their goes achieved, they just not thought of disarming these people and left Afghanistan and Pakistan to struggle for years. But when in years same people turned against US and our countries now US calls em terrorists and on soils of Afghanistan and Pakistan without remembering who created em, and without realizing who was affected most by this terror most.

This post originally contained a video documentary which was released or repacked by “Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR)” department of Pakistan army. This documentary showed the Pakistan’s and its people’s struggles, however that video documentary is no more available on its original link at ISPR’s Facebook page, for that reason, unfortunately we had to remove it from here as well.

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