CJP says No arrest for Musharraf if he visits Pakistan to file nomination papers for 2018 elections and appears before the court

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Chief justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar informed Musharraf’s lawyer that he will not be arrested if he arrives in Pakistan, but he has to visit the court to submit the nomination papers. Chief justice of Pakistan said, “Tell Musharraf to come to Pakistan, adding that the former military dictator will not be arrested upon his arrival.”

Retired General Pervez Musharraf
Retired General Pervez Musharraf

If we look at the past then, Musharraf submitted his nomination papers for the general elections in 2013 for NA 250 Karachi seat. Those papers were not accepted by the returning officer at that time because he got disqualified and publicly insulted Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary.

The lawyer of Musharraf said to the court that there is a final deadline to submit the nomination papers and Election Commission of Pakistan will accept the nomination papers after the final decision of Supreme Court. The nomination papers for Karachi, Islamabad, and Chitral have also been rejected by the returning officers then they appealed to election tribunal and they rejected as well.

However, chief justice grants the orders for Musharraf to come to Pakistan to submit the nomination papers for the upcoming election of 2018 which are expected to be held on July 25. Chief justice assures the lawyer that he will not be arrested on his arrival and then the court will announce its decision regarding his disqualification. Besides, if the appeal got rejected he has to come both to operate his party and announce the candidates. Chief justice said, “The former president will return even if his appeal is rejected. He will lead the party during elections. We will announce our candidates in a few days.”

According to the chief justice, Musharraf has to appear at the Supreme Court Lahore registry on June 13 personally. “However, the exact date of his return will be announced after the Supreme Court decides on the review petition filed against Musharraf’s disqualification in 2013,” Dr. Amjad said.

The secretary of APML said that whatever the decision of the court will be, Musharraf will lead the party and the election campaign as well. Plus the candidates of APML will also be announced in few days after the final decision of the party.

This article was written by staff member: Sehrish Ilyas
Editor: K. Shahzad

Pervez Musharraf endorsed Tahir-al-Qadri’s long march and called it a success

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musharraf-calls-longmarch-a-successGen. (Retd) Pervez Musharraf former Army Chief and former president of Pakistan, called the Qadri’s long march a success. Main reason behind this analysis may be the strength/number of people participating in the long march. Also, the basic idea behind the long march is also a fair one, current ruling party indeed proved to be the most corrupt in the history and that also proved by many supreme court orders during the ruling period of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Qadri basically demands the current government to not continue all the mess they are making and go for early elections. Many others like me personally would not be fan of Qadri but this time he is somewhat correct on what he is asking for. Everyone else remained silent while people were looking for one person who can lead them against current government and suddenly Qadri came onto the scene.

Now several others are endorsing the idea, Musharraf already called the long march a success and Imran Khan gone one step further by putting forward their own demands to government. If government does not respond positively then they may join or come with their own version of long march to the capital from far southern city of Pakistan.

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Musharraf to launch All Pakistan Muslim league on October 1st – Event details

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All Pakistan Muslim League

Former Pakistan Army chief and President Pervez Musharraf is to officially launch the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) on the 1st October, in this regard a number of events will be held in different cities. To be exact these events would be held in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Pervez Musharraf have already created the events page on Facebook where you can confirm whether you are attending the event or not.

Following are venue details and Pervez Musharraf ‘s words inviting people to these events being held in different cities, Musharraf says and I Quote

Dear Friends & Supporters, final venues for all three cities shall be posted later. Please confirm if you shall be attending in your city to be added to the guest list. Kindly remember to bring your original CNIC with you for security reasons.

To attend an APML launch event on the 1st Oct in your city, please register by calling the relevant numbers below and give your details:

APML Islamabad Secretariat-Director Operations: Mr. Rehan Aslam
Contact: 051-2814270-5 (5 lines)

APML Karachi CEC Member: Mr. Shahid Qureshi
Contact: 03008222209

APML Lahore Member / Event Coordinator: Mr. Saad Malik
Contact: 042-38470485 / 042-35040439


Now we have to see how well this new Muslim League do, even they get able to get elected and if luck stays on their side how well they get able put country back to a prosperous track. I have a feeling the their era, if it ever gets initiated would be lot better than current era, which is total failure on part of current ruling party.

Are 226 thousand Facebook fans enough to bring back Musharraf

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Pervez MusharrafGeneral Pervez Musharraf who served army for long time, lately as chief of army staff, then lately he was also forced chief executive and forced president of Pakistan for period of about 8 years, he is now hopping to come back to Pakistani politics once again. Because of the way he came into government, took over the country and specially some of his decisions in his time in government he was very much unpopular in people.

Now after he was no more in government in accordance with the people’s and other politician’s wishes, he happened to create his personal fan page on Facebook. Which gradually became popular, soon he had more fans on Facebook than any other Pakistani person who is related to Pakistani politics. As most of Pakistani users on Facebook are youth so this way Pervez Musharraf became kinna popular in Pakistani youth.

Now after seeing his popularity on Facebook, which is more than any other Paki Politician, Pervez Musharraf is thinking of coming back to the politics, he want to take part in elections. He thinks that he will have enough support from people of Pakistan so he can get elected. It is not made clear that either he plans to be part of any existing political party or will plan to have his own.

Now the question is, does the 226 thousand Facebook fans are enough to get Musharraf elected, real question arises is does the millions of non-Facebookers who actually are the potential voters, will they vote for Musharraf. I don’t think that the realities here in the country match with the ones on Facebook. Also being a fan on Facebook does not mean that you support the person, there may be other reason like urge to keep yourself updated about a person, which may be beneficial for the journalists etc.

In my opinion the chances for Musharraf in Paki politics are not that great but after looking at mismanagement of other parties in power sometimes this comes to my mind the Musharraf may have some chance. After all things were much better when he was in power. People seen much less power shortages, nearly no shortages of food items like flour and sugar, economy was going much better than it currently is, Pakistani currency was much more powerful and remained consistent throughout the period of his government and finally law and order situation was kinna better than now.

Though there were few mistakes which hurt his reputation to an extent, but I hope if he gets elected this time, he can overcome that part and continue on the good work. Finally only time will tell about the chances of Musharraf being elected.

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Most popular ever Pakistani leader on Facebook, Former President and Army chief Pervez Musharraf

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Pervez Musharraf's Fans on FacebookFor Pakistani politicians and leaders the trend of maintaining the online public identity is not much older. There are few politicians of time who have maintained their Fan pages on Facebook including some of current ministers and present president Asif Ali Zardari as well.

But the most popular among these all on Facebook is former President and Army Chief Gen. Pervez Musharraf. He is on top of all other present and former leaders of Pakistan with 140 thousand fans and still growing. On the current rate getting one million fans must not take any thing more than a year. On other hand no one from Pakistani leaders side get even closer to that.

Also this platform is being used by Pervez Musharraf to answer the questions of the fans to deal with any misconceptions that people have. In a video that can be watched on his fan page Musharraf told that reason to make this fan page was to connect with the youth of Pakistan more effectively, also to collectivize the scattered support that he believed he had previously and Facebook gave him the opportunity to bring them all on one single platform.

Not only this Pervez Musharraf is regular in picking the questions from the ones which have been asked by fans and replying them to clear any misconceptions which exist among people on different  issues, all relating to the pervez Musharraf.

I would rate this as a good initiative that at least one of leaders chosen to answer the questions of people but unfortunately every one else who have got the chance to lead the nation does not think that way and do not even bother to talk on issues openly. When I am saying this, I am pointing to current leadership more than anyone else who are good at making promises and breaking them without giving any explanations to people with typically using the words, it was not possible at the moment.

You can visit Pervez Musharraf’s Fan Page on facebook from here.

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