Electricity load shedding situation brought under control says Minister for Water and Power

The Pakistani minister for water and power Naveed Qamar told the media last night that they have to some extent controlled the load shedding situation and the production is brought to 12400 Megawatts (MW) from the 9000 MW which was being produced before. By the way, does someone did not told minister that the production was down to just 7500 MW, same thing had caused the worst short fall of history. Minister Naveed Qamar also claimed that the production will be back to 14000 MW within next 48 hours. I personally doubt that, as about same is the requirement of country’s power requirement, considering the load shedding which had been there from long time without any pauses, you can tell […]

Wapda is to mass disconnect power connections

Minister of Water and Power have chaired a meeting on Wednesday, 21st Sep. Heads of all power distribution companies, which operate under Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO), participated in the meeting. Meeting was intended for reviewing the running/circular dept and recoveries situation of power distributors. Minister advised to mass disconnect the connections of consumers who are on default from last 60 or more days. He also advised to recover all the running debt in next 30 days. Running debt means when a certain consumer did not payed any full or partial charges with the approval of any of Power distribution company. It was further told that if a certain Power distribution company will not be able to act accordingly in […]

PEPCO unable to recover Rs 63 billion dues from last year

Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) was unable to the recover Rs 62.9 billion Rs last year against amounts which were billed to its consumers. This amount added to the circular dept and will have an impact on the electricity consumers who actually pay their dues regularly. Such unpaid dept contribute to the devalue an organization and such thing happened in financial year 2010-2o11. PEPCO was able to make some old recoveries but this Rs 63 billion of un-recovered amount is finally going to impact the household consumers of electricity, who are already mostly paying their bills regularly. Circular Dept and line losses are the biggest problems of PEPCO which ultimately contribute to the increasing load-shedding which electricity consumers have to […]

Electicity load shedding in Pakistan intensifies in summer 2011

Summer 2011 is just starting and electricity load shedding in Pakistan already started to intensify. Power load shedding of 12 hours is already in place in many areas of country, PEPCO claimed that electricity short fall is 2500 Mega Watts (MW) already. We are just into April, May at the moment as we head towards the more hotter months of summer like June, July and August the electricity shortfall is going to reach 6000 MW or even above. Real long hours of load shedding is expected in coming months. Already we are experiencing the worst load shedding of history of Pakistan, now question comes in mind “who is responsible for all of this?”. Before we conclude lets have a look […]