Electicity load shedding in Pakistan intensifies in summer 2011

Summer 2011 is just starting and electricity load shedding in Pakistan already started to intensify. Power load shedding of 12 hours is already in place in many areas of country, PEPCO claimed that electricity short fall is 2500 Mega Watts (MW) already. We are just into April, May at the moment as we head towards the more hotter months of summer like June, July and August the electricity shortfall is going to reach 6000 MW or even above. Real long hours of load shedding is expected in coming months.

Already we are experiencing the worst load shedding of history of Pakistan, now question comes in mind “who is responsible for all of this?”. Before we conclude lets have a look on some facts related to the issue.

Its a known fact that along with house hold consumers the Industry of Pakistan is effected badly due to load shedding. Putting the production of very much critical goods in jeopardy. But the DG PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company) while talking to a private TV channel evening talk show on 25th of April denied the fact that Load Shedding ever effected any Industry of Pakistan. Also he confirmed that load shedding will increase in coming days if supply of oil and gas is not restored to full required level.

DG PEPCO also said we need to put more load on consumer, only that way we can get around the issue of load shedding. According to him they are giving Rs. 2 plus subsidy to people and need to finish it and bring price to more than 9 Rs per unit from current 7.05 for house hold consumers. Also DG PEPCO blamed on the line losses and few defaulters the cause of load shedding. While it was discussed that President house is one of the defaulters of PEPCO, he tried to defend the ruling party (Pakistan Peoples Party).

If we look into this once again, not just a feeling but putting forward the fact like “who have to make sure oil is supplied to the PEPCO” also “who have to make sure the support of gas to PEPCO” and also “who have to facilitate the PEPCO to look forward into alternate/clean energy sources like Thermal/Solar energy”, the only entity responsible for all of this is Government of Pakistan.

The party in power which calls it self the “Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) ” seems to do nothing. Either its provision of Oil and gas to the PEPCO or the future planning and thinking about opting the alternate energy sources like Thermal and Solar energy, this party is doing nothing but is just silent spectator of bad situation of People of Pakistan. BTW PPP seems to do nothing on any of project which interests people of Pakistan.

According the to PEPCO they can’t give any time line when they will be able to cope with the issue of electricity, in fact they are not sure even it will ever happen. Rightly so, when the party in power is not concerned about condition of people and doing nothing on its end, then Newton’s first law comes in, telling us, some one have got to do this, this will never happen itself.

Chances of current party in Power (PPP) being elected in next elections are slim looking at the situation Pakistan have been in their power period, and they better be, as we need people in power who really work for the country and not just come up with lame promises.

If you are any official of PPP reading this post time, you are still holding all the cards, you would want to be elected in next election (won’t you?), well if yes, you better do it and better do it fast, for your own self, for your own coming generations and for your country.

Long live Pakistan and may Allah solve the problems of this great nation called “Pakistanis”.

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