TLP Protests Exposed Great Deal of Indiscipline in Punjab Police

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During the recent Tehreek e Labaik (TLP) Protests in Pakistan, police was given difficult task of controlling the difficult mob, which definitely was a difficult task and on many places they were able to accomplish the task. Even the police force personals did lost their lives. There is no denying to all of these but lets get to the point now, on lots places the good old Gullu Butt factor was seen in the police. Some actions of Punjab Police depicted that they still need some discipline and training about how to deal with the citizens.

For example, here an incident worth mentioning, a TLP worker was kind of arrested by a police man, he was fully co-operating with him, he had him and it looked like police man was walking down with the prisoner towards a vehicle etc, another police man comes and unnecessarily starts beating the man. The man who have already have given up and is fully co-operating. He keeps beating him with sticks, even after the men fells down but the sticks keep coming. Luckily some other police men around interfere and stop him, otherwise it was looking too bad for him. Yes I am talking about the incident in following video tweet.

Than there was another incident where a bullet proof police vehicle goes towards protestors in full speed, putting their lives in danger. In background a voice says, two people are hit and gone under the vehicle. And you can clearly see, it happened, people can be seen on ground behind vehicle, this is not the way the state institutions work. Even if mob was out of control, they are citizens of this same country, so should have been dealt accordingly. Further you can see in the following video tweet, by the way. Police should deal with mob or any other situation professionally.

Another video from this clash was this ambulance video, where injured are not being spared inside the ambulance, they are being pulled out of ambulance and being beaten further with sticks.

Than there were other videos where the singled out TLP supporters which were in custody of Police, they were hand cuffed and were being beaten. These videos I can embed here but I don’t feel like doing it, you can search by hashtags of one of these above videos and you can find them. The point here is, it is not the job of state institutions like police to start taking revenge at their own, if they have picked up someone, they must be delivered to courts for due action. No society allows such behavior and violation of human rights which Punjab police is used to.

Also it is responsibility of Police departments that such incidents must not go unnoticed, due action must be taken against the individuals involved and details must be made public. As, I fully understand no institution allows this, but these are acts of individuals which are being ignored.

Finally, to make it clear that this article was not written due to some political motivations, I did voted PTI in last elections and I feel they have not done enough to bring the reforms in our police. Still, I have not seen any minister mentioning anything against these incidents. On other hand I have no affiliation of any kind with TLP but on same time I am unable to take these human rights violations lightly and let them pass by. Finally, yes TLP workers did similar stuff where they caught a singled out police man but the point here is, Police is an institution which have to go be rules and certain discipline and cannot be judged on standards of a mob.

Nothing wrong with this By The Way, just Police Holding Back the Protestors!

Salahuddin Death Incident Call on for Heavy Country Wide Police Reforms

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What happened to Salahuddin, is not the secret from any one living in this country. The news is circulating everywhere. He has been victim to the terrorism of Punjab Police. Even the videos of torture are circulating everywhere on internet, as result of which his death took place. There are pictures of torture marks on his body, of the torture done by Punjab Police.

He did not deserved such treatment as a result of what he had did. What he did was, when his card stuck in an ATM machine, he tore up the LCD and took out his card, than made faced and mocked at a Security camera by taking his tongue out. Which is all definitely illegal.

Justice For Salahuddin

However, after the police the police arrested him, they victimized him with the undue torture. They even made videos of that torture, to show them selves as hero and circulated those. Later however, same move of making and circulating those videos gone against them.

When those pictures of torture marks on Salahuddin’s body circulated, Punjab police denied any form of torture and claimed he was not well and the death took place in a hospital. Which obviously proved wrong by the videos which police officials themselves shot.

Insult to injury is, the postmortem report also falsely depicted that there were no torture marks or proves etc on the body. This very fact is an eye opener, which shows, how bad things have become, when it comes to our police. Even a Postmortem report is made by doctor according the wishes of officials involved in act of undue torture.

Above all, the crux of story is we need heavy reforms in Police all over the country and in this regard, the Punjab police needs special attentions. Time and again in the course of history we have been seeing many incidents which call on for such reforms. Time and again Punjab Police have been proving to the nation that along with few competent people, its full of incompetent officials who do not even know, how to properly do their own jobs.

We need reforms on the modern lines of world, which police follows worldwide. And to have checks one everything, there should be cameras everywhere, from surveillance vehicles to the body cam’s of police, from inside the police stations to interrogation rooms. All footage then must come, uploaded or recorded live to a central location. Where it can be monitored live and/or can be took out and analyzed on case to case bases. This is nothing new and happens all over the world.

This kind of extra judicial torture as well as murders must be condemned by higher ups as well. There should be internal awareness programs and training of existing officials on how to deal with all kind of cases professionally.

For the newly employed officials, such stuff about how to handle cases and what are the limits of officials must be part of training. As all of the efforts are normally directed towards physical training in this country and next to none attention is given to moral and ethical.

Also, like other countries in the world not only in Police by in all government organizations, the whistle blowers programs must be initiated to curb bribery and corruption. Which are well known part of our systems, specially the Police.

PPP Government fails to cope with Karachi violence

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It is evident that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Government does not have and official strategy to cope with Karachi situation. As for months the tensions between political parties in Karachi have led them to use power against each other, this is causing the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians each month. The PPP government is hesitant to take action against culprits because those belong to political parties which are coalition partners of PPP to form the federal government.

The interior minister Rehman Malik keeps on insisting that the solution of Karachi violence is in dialog between those political Parties and on same time PPP led government is taking no ground action to cope the situation with power. Why not PPP government use power and arrest/execute the souls who are killing innocent people in Karachi, why they have wait for those political parties to make peace between them and call for truce or seize fire.

Its responsibility of state to ensure the safety of citizens, PPP led government have to understand, they have to put their own gains behind and work for the betterment of people, but this doesn’t yet came from them. They better address Karachi violence issue and such thousands of unaddressed issues of people of Pakistan or they might not have second chance in government.

On Sunday alone reportedly more than 18 people died in Karachi due to on going target killings, these were the reported deaths, unreported deaths would be additional. These deaths clearly negate the peace restoration claims of interior Minister Rehman Malik and the PPP led government.

Bottom line is either the parties negotiate peace between them or not, there is greater responsibility on PPP because of them being in government. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of people of Pakistan, which they were fully incapable to achieve only because of their incompetence, similarly as they were not able to address thousands of other issues of people of Pakistan.

Its is the time for PPP government to wake up and do, whatever they are suppose to do to protect people of this country and address their problems if they really want to be in government again after next elections.

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