Do vote on May 11 for positive change in Pakistan

Obviously by May 11, 2013 I am referring to upcoming Pakistan general elections. In around last two decades and specifically in last five to six years this country saw the worst of situations. Problems are not unknown to any Pakistani and these obviously are Electricity Load shedding, Gas Shortage, Law ‘n’ order situation, higher levels of corruptions, tax theft by elected members of assemblies, poor health and education facilities, bad economic situation, closing industries due¬† to no efforts to make electricity available, foreign incisions, terrorism and what not. We are also left far far behind in terms of communications and technology from most of rest of the world. This is very tiny amount of literate people gone out of their […]

Higher Education Commission issued a notice to Ex-Parliamentarians instructing them to get degrees verified till 5th April, 2013

Just the government of Pakistan People Party (PPP) is gone and care taker government took over. The winds of change are already blowing. Lots of efforts are being made from Pakistani Supreme court, High courts (Provincial courts), Election Commission of Pakistan(ECP) and Higher Eduction Commission (HEC) to make sure that Pakistan General Elections 2013 are free and fair. HEC is in process of verifying the degrees of former parliamentarians. They have already cleared some degrees and proved some of them as fake, which resulted in imprisonment of Ex Parliamentarians. Recently, HEC issued a notice to former parliamentarians about getting their degrees verified till at most 5th of April. This notice reads as follows. Public Notice for Ex-Parliamentarians for Degree Attestation […]

General Elections 2013 are only chance for Pakistan’s revival

In terms of natural resources and skilled/semi skilled man power Pakistan is not behind any country pf world. Would rather be ahead of majority of countries. Only thing it lacks is honest leadership which have a clear, positive vision for the country. Unfortunately, in past whomever Pakistani people have trusted, mostly they have let them down. So called democracy never worked well for this country. Many times Army had to takeover the government forcefully. Some would differ but those periods when Army had the charge they proved to bit better than others only due to those faulty individuals on whom people previously trusted. The thing which lets us down too many times a support system for those specific parties trended […]

Software worth $1.5 Million USD ready with NADRA for voting from Pakistani citizens living in foreign countries

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) have successfully completed $1.5 million worth piece of software to facilitate the Pakistani nationals living abroad. Now these Pakistanis living¬† abroad will be able to use their right of vote through an online system. These Pakistani citizens will have to visit an online polling both nearest to their currently residential area in their current foreign country. Their vote will directly be recorded into the NADRA’s database here in Pakistan and later will be handed over to Election Commission of Pakistan for inclusion into results of area where in Pakistan that person belongs. NADRA will reportedly not disclose the details like which person voted which party or person but more generalized information will be handed […]

How to get your vote transferred to current residential address in Pakistan for General Elections 2013

In recent years while election commission of Pakistan was in process of generating the revised voter lists, they gone door to door in each area and registered the residents as voters from that specific areas. In this process there were some people (many) who were for some reason left out of process for such people Election Commission workers just registered their votes on their permanent address instead of current residential address. In this case for example votes of people currently living in Islamabad was registered on their permanent which may be Jehlam or where-ever they belonged. For most such people traveling back to where they belong for just casting the vote is impractical. Good news is you can just get […]