General Elections 2013 are only chance for Pakistan’s revival

pakistan elections 2013In terms of natural resources and skilled/semi skilled man power Pakistan is not behind any country pf world. Would rather be ahead of majority of countries. Only thing it lacks is honest leadership which have a clear, positive vision for the country.

Unfortunately, in past whomever Pakistani people have trusted, mostly they have let them down. So called democracy never worked well for this country. Many times Army had to takeover the government forcefully. Some would differ but those periods when Army had the charge they proved to bit better than others only due to those faulty individuals on whom people previously trusted.

The thing which lets us down too many times a support system for those specific parties trended here. Soon they were know as supporters of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), supporters of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) or supporters of some other party for that matter. Know whole families and extended families chosen a party and each elections they supported same leaders no mater they had done well for country or not but just due to, those local representatives had good relations with that family and they will support them if some one of that extended family gets into trouble.

Now if we take the examples of PPP and PML-N, they were repeatedly brought into the power by people using their vote despite the fact that some of these party leaders only done corruption and increased the problems of people of Pakistan.

As time is going by, peoples’ access to the internet, media and education is increasing, a level of awareness increased. Now more of the people realized that it is better this time to support some new faces instead of those old who somehow have not proved worthy to be voted in again.

But one worrying thing is that still the irony is not over, still the people are there who will prefer their own interest over the country’s interest and will vote the person in who will promise something with him. Or these people are somehow more innocent than other ones, they just again find them trapped into the nets of these foe politicians, who just make promises, get votes and then four years of their government they just sit and eat. Then in fifth year they remember, oh we have to get the votes again, so they start giving the lollypops to the people of Pakistan.

Now finally here is the point, this time we need to choose some whoever we think will be good for country. Forget any of your old associations. Let him/her be some new face, in some or ours’ opinions some of old politicians may have done few good things but still lets give a chance to some new more educated people to see if they could change our fates.

We have lost much in years passed for our country, we were much above in developing countries of world but now have lost all that status not due to lack of talent or resources but only because of lack of honest and forward looking leadership.

Finally, may Allah bless this country. Do get out of comfort of your home on 11th of May, 2013 to vote the person who you think will be beneficial for your area and your country. We can’t get things wrong this time, we have lost much and there is not much that we can loose now.

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One thought on “General Elections 2013 are only chance for Pakistan’s revival

  1. Pakistan has around 144 districts and every district has 4/5 so called political families / local feudal lords. One can check their historical background, doesn’t matter if the present generation is educated or little sophisticated. Since independence these families are in power except short period of ZA Bhutto with little participation of middle class. Majority seats in Parliament are from Rural areas and Urban area politicians have the same feudal attitude. Most of these feudal run parallel government in whole district (in tehsils & villages) controlling police and revenue (thana & Kacheri). Even the justice department is also influenced by them in one way or the other by dictation to lawyers and judges.This elite ruling class is corrupt, cruel, law beaker and criminal in many cases. Nothing will change in Pakistan as long as the Development Funds are being distributed among the elected elite. Politics is the highest profitable business of few hundred people in the country.

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