Suzuki offers 0% markup installment plan on bike purchases

Now a days, the sales of bikes, along with cars, are also down due to hyperinflation Pakistan is facing. Due to inflation the prices of bikes etc are up and the purchasing power of people is down further due to same old income levels and highly inflated daily and utility expense. The cars and bike maker companies like Suzuki Pakistan and others are offering exciting stuff, never seen before, to attract the customers. One similar scheme came from Pak Suzuki now a days, where they are offering Zero percent Markup plan on purchase of any suzuki bike. Apparently this Zero percent markup plan is valid on purchase of any of the available bikes by Pak Suzuki. Not only this, the […]

Many Exciting offers on Suzuki Car purchases now a days

The prices of new cars and other vehicles as well are very inflated right now. After hyperinflation, along with other things, the prices of vehicles also gone up significantly. Same is the reason that the vehicles, which used to be short, are now available in surplus. As demand have lowered due to high prices and lower affordability of buyers. Same is the reason that Pak Suzuki along with other automakers are offering their buyers many exciting offers, which include free registration, immediate delivery and much more, on different vehicles. So instead of ON, the cars are available on OFF along with exciting promotions. Today in this post we will have a look on few exciting offers which Pak Suzuki is […]

Pak Suzuki promises two weeks delivery of most cars on new bookings

In a latest promotion displayed on the official website of Suzuki Pakistan, they are offering two weeks delivery of a number of vehicles. These vehicles include Suzuki Alto, Suzuki WagonR, Suzuki Cultus and Suzuki Swift. Moreover two vehicles are even available for immediate delivery. These vehicles include Suzuki Bolan and Suzuki Ravi. A year back, all of these vehicles were only available on bookings, that too, on booking period of at least six months. Now after hyperinflation in the country, along with other things, the car prices also increased too much in the country. So that these vehicles are not very much in reach of everyone. So the demand have gone down significantly. Same is the reason, despite several production […]

Pak Suzuki offers vehicles price lock for bookings in the month of August 2023

In past two to three years, the prices of all kinds of vehicles, including cars, have increased very much rapidly. There are several factors involve in this, those factors being the local inflation in the country and specially the decline of local Pakistani Currency, Pakistani Rupee (PKR), against US dollar and the other world currencies. Obviously as most of Pakistani automakers import the Completely Knocked Down (CKD) car kits and then manufacture them locally in to a finally produced vehicle, the impact of local currency devaluation is very high on the car prices. So, due to rapidly increasing car prices in last two to three years, people’s power to buy the cars have gone down significantly. Due to this the […]

Price and Specs of Newly Launched Suzuki Swift Pakistan

Finally as promised Pak Suzuki have just launched the Suzuki Swift in Pakistan via its Lahore based launch even happened on 24th Feb, 2022. There are three variants initially launched which are priced as follows. Variant Price (PKR) Transmission Type Suzuki Swift GL 2499,000 Manual Suzuki Swift GL CVT 2699,000 Automatic Suzuki Swift GLX CVT 2899,000 Automatic Details of Prices and Variants of new Suzuki Swift UPDATE: Above prices were valid at launch but soon after, Pak Suzuki had increased the prices of Suzuki Swift along with other vehicles, so latest updates prices of new Suzuki Swift are as follows as of September 2022. Variant Price (PKR) Transmission Type Suzuki Swift GL 3180,000 Manual Suzuki Swift GL CVT 3420,000 Automatic […]