Public and transporters stood against recent CNG prices hike today in Pakistan

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Today in Pakistan the transporters were mostly on strike against the recent Rs. 13 per KG increase in CNG price. As well as the CNG filling stations observed the strike all over country. People who in the morning came out of their homes to go to offices, after not finding any public transport ended up gathering in form of protests. They blocked roads and registered their protests against recent CNG price increase by government.

In capital Islamabad and its twin city Rawalpindi alone on many many places people registered the protests, the traffic of twin cities was total mess and more than 60% of even those people who own private conveyance were not able to reach work. Availability of fuel was also the issue as from Thursday to Friday in this region the gas (CNG) filling stations normally stay closed and this time these price hikes this time made things worse as people stood against it.

Many believe that corruption of parties in power is increasing the problems of people on epic proportions. Fuel prices are already touching skies and are unaffordable for many already. Recently not only CNG but also the prices of other petroleum products like Gasoline (petrol) and High Octane Diesel were increased.

As prices of everything are dependent and affected by fuel prices, current price increases will make things worse and inflation rates which already are touching skies are believed to further go up into the first earth now.

These price hikes and unavailability of fuel was an eye-opener for people of Pakistan who were thinking optimistically about their fate in 2012 which just started. People also now does not have any expectations from ruling party and their allies. But they wanted to hope that their problems are at least not increase any more but this seems impossible for now.

May Allah Bless Pakistan/people of Pakistan.

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Power tariff to be raised 2 percent every month

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A meeting held with IMF officials in Islamabad. IMF have criticized the progress of our government in raising the taxation and power tariff over recent past. 35 percent power tariff hike was to be adjusted in this year’s power tariff increase, now this will be adjusted by adding 2% of power tariff hike every month. Already past month have seen such 2% hike and 2% for this month as well will be added this month. This will continue till next eight months and policy is to be revised in next budget.

Continues power tariff hike is no good for the country, as this means continues inflation as production costs of all goods depend on power. Power tariff goes up, production costs go up, so the inflation. So who is responsible for this all, off-course the impracticable and faulty policies of this government which have led country to again lend from IMF.

Seems like current government does not even have policies and plans, things are just moving and getting worse each day. Its time for the current political party in government to start planning things and make them right if they want to be elected from some part and time for people to wake up analyze and choose the right or better people next elections.

Petroleum product sales on halt, prices hit the top

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Prices hit the top, may not be technically correct because you can expect more from current administration but one thing for sure, this is gonna be hurting the economy much more. Also unlike the last the last government which was giving subsidy this one is earning lots of bucks per gallon. If one is sure that the money is going into the national reserves and being used correctly this sounds much fair. But there is no info ever released where this all money going. Is it being used for the betterment of people of Pakistan.

The news here is that the petroleum prices increased, petrol price increased Rs. 6.10 per litter similarly prices of other products also increased similarly. Diesel which used to be half of petrol or even less reached on equal levels. Also the CNG load management plan is in effect which also makes the things worse.

The petroleum product sales hit the halt across the country when the petrol pumps stop selling in protest to the increased price. CNG already closed in some cities, people facing the real difficulties.

When the prices of fuel increase, the prices of each and every thing increases because of the increase in transportation costs, this price hike was totally unnecessary considering the fact that the government still getting profit on current price. The reasons told are the degradation in rupee value, again who is responsible for that? Certainly the current administration.