Petroleum product sales on halt, prices hit the top

Prices hit the top, may not be technically correct because you can expect more from current administration but one thing for sure, this is gonna be hurting the economy much more. Also unlike the last the last government which was giving subsidy this one is earning lots of bucks per gallon. If one is sure that the money is going into the national reserves and being used correctly this sounds much fair. But there is no info ever released where this all money going. Is it being used for the betterment of people of Pakistan.

The news here is that the petroleum prices increased, petrol price increased Rs. 6.10 per litter similarly prices of other products also increased similarly. Diesel which used to be half of petrol or even less reached on equal levels. Also the CNG load management plan is in effect which also makes the things worse.

The petroleum product sales hit the halt across the country when the petrol pumps stop selling in protest to the increased price. CNG already closed in some cities, people facing the real difficulties.

When the prices of fuel increase, the prices of each and every thing increases because of the increase in transportation costs, this price hike was totally unnecessary considering the fact that the government still getting profit on current price. The reasons told are the degradation in rupee value, again who is responsible for that? Certainly the current administration.

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