Power tariff to be raised 2 percent every month

A meeting held with IMF officials in Islamabad. IMF have criticized the progress of our government in raising the taxation and power tariff over recent past. 35 percent power tariff hike was to be adjusted in this year’s power tariff increase, now this will be adjusted by adding 2% of power tariff hike every month. Already past month have seen such 2% hike and 2% for this month as well will be added this month. This will continue till next eight months and policy is to be revised in next budget.

Continues power tariff hike is no good for the country, as this means continues inflation as production costs of all goods depend on power. Power tariff goes up, production costs go up, so the inflation. So who is responsible for this all, off-course the impracticable and faulty policies of this government which have led country to again lend from IMF.

Seems like current government does not even have policies and plans, things are just moving and getting worse each day. Its time for the current political party in government to start planning things and make them right if they want to be elected from some part and time for people to wake up analyze and choose the right or better people next elections.

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