Eye to Eye of Tahir Shah Sets a New World Record and Wins Gold Medal

Eye to Eye was a song from an amateur, unknown Pakistani wannabe singer “Tahir Shah”. Several months ago after Tahir Shah had uploaded his song on a video sharing website, it just instantly gone viral on social media. It went viral NOT because it was a good song but because it was a worst song ever. Almost everyone online just shared this song and soon it became a phenomenon. Not only this soon all this buzz hit TV and many television channels invited and interviewed the singer of this Eye to Eye song, which really is NOT music to human ears.

Most recently song have made its way to United Kingdom (UK) in a big manner. It is awarded by a world record by British Department called “Record Holders Republic (RHR)” as best song ever made on eyes. Not only this, Tahir Shah won a Gold medal accompanied with this record acknowledgement. Tahir Shah won this record probably due to fact it was seen by several millions of people on video sharing sites as well as social media websites.

Here is TV footage of Tahir Shah’s eye to eye world record and award.

If you missed watching Eye to Eye full song video, than you must watch it here. Its no music to human ears but will sure make you laugh.

The looks of newly turned singer Eye to Eye in song’s video are rather funny in a way. Plus after achieving success on social media and TV and after wining Gold Medal/setting a world record, Tahir shah now aims to shoot a film and will cast himself as hero of film. Lets see how that venture of Tahir Shah goes.

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