Pakistan Ranked as World’s 7th Most Affected Country by Global Warming – Situation is Alarming

In Pakistan, the climate has been changed as compared to a few decades ago and this change is expected to be continue, which made Pakistan appear in the list of countries most affected by global warming. Global warming occurs when there is an increase of greenhouse effect. In this process, earth holds some of the energy of the sun and became warm by the time. The global warming is the major threat to the earth and the current situation is alarming for Pakistan as well.

Pollution and global warming

Global Climate Risk Index 2018 Report

According to the report, “The Climate Risk Index may serve as a red flag for an already existing vulnerability that may further increase in regions, where extreme events will become more frequent or more severe due to climate change.”

Furthermore, due to increasing ratio of global warming, Pakistan ranked on the 7th number in the list of countries which has been affected by global warming with the death toll of 523.1 per year. However, out of 10 countries, 9 are the developing countries like Pakistan.

Reasons for Global Warming in Pakistan

“Pakistan because of its geographic location has been frequently affected from heavy monsoons in the past. Over the past 20 years, if we look at the extreme weather events in Pakistan, heavy rainfalls and flooding have severely affected the lives and livelihoods of people. Floods have badly affected the agriculture sector which has compromised the GDP targets too. In the past, heat waves and possible cold waves have also posed a threat to the people.” This study reveals.

Furthermore, due to excessive flooding situations in Pakistan affects water resources and decreased river flows. Among all the reasons, the most common reason for global warming is fewer trees and crops. There are some of the crops and trees which respond favorably to the increased atmosphere.

Steps to be taken to decrease Global Warming in Pakistan

There is a need to control the excessive pollution due to factories and automobile which cause are main reason for global warming and for dealing with that government should take some basic necessary steps. The federal government and all provinces of Pakistan should consider the production of more crops and trees all over the country at the huge level and along with spending the budget on construction they should invest in crops and trees due to this alarming situation.

Here we can quote the step of KPK government, who started the project of planting 1 billion trees within the province and this step will defiantly help in dealing with global warming.

At the personal level, every individual should take basic steps to decrease global warming from their country. While shopping for the home appliances, make sure you are buying energy efficient products which produce less carbon dioxide. Another daily routine step you can take is “don’t waste water”. Pakistan is at the alarming situation that if we don’t take any measurements we might effect by the water deficiency. Drive the fuel-efficient automobile and make sure your vehicle doesn’t produce smoke.

Take all basic steps in your daily life routine which may control the global warming situation in Pakistan and government should also take huge steps to control this alarming situation including more projects to plant trees in all different provinces of Pakistan as well as the Capital territory.

This article was written by staff member: Sehrish Ilyas
Editor: K. Shahzad

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