Why we finally need to change our ways to green living

To help our planet sustain the current atmospheric temperature and keep it habitable for all the species which are living in it today. If we do not go green today and do not try to reduce our carbon footprint, the global warming will keep its pace or may even speedup until earth becomes the inhabitable barren wasteland. This is inevitable but this is not the immediate concern, immediate concern is the catastrophes which started to appear around the world due to the rising global temperature. These global warming related catastrophes include but not limited to series of wildfires erupting on their own, floods, heat waves, cold waves, droughts, tropical storms, cyclones etc. These catastrophes earlier were appearing in the world […]

Pakistan Ranked as World’s 7th Most Affected Country by Global Warming – Situation is Alarming

In Pakistan, the climate has been changed as compared to a few decades ago and this change is expected to be continue, which made Pakistan appear in the list of countries most affected by global warming. Global warming occurs when there is an increase of greenhouse effect. In this process, earth holds some of the energy of the sun and became warm by the time. The global warming is the major threat to the earth and the current situation is alarming for Pakistan as well. Global Climate Risk Index 2018 Report According to the report, “The Climate Risk Index may serve as a red flag for an already existing vulnerability that may further increase in regions, where extreme events will […]