Pakistan Ranked as World’s 7th Most Affected Country by Global Warming – Situation is Alarming

In Pakistan, the climate has been changed as compared to a few decades ago and this change is expected to be continue, which made Pakistan appear in the list of countries most affected by global warming. Global warming occurs when there is an increase of greenhouse effect. In this process, earth holds some of the energy of the sun and became warm by the time. The global warming is the major threat to the earth and the current situation is alarming for Pakistan as well. Global Climate Risk Index 2018 Report According to the report, “The Climate Risk Index may serve as a red flag for an already existing vulnerability that may further increase in regions, where extreme events will […]

Karachi experiences hottest summer day of the year with temperature up to 46 Degrees

It is just the beginning of summer and it has left deadening effect on the people of Karachi. Karachi experiences the deadliest heat wave Pakistan had seen in over 50 years. Last time the heat wave experienced by the people of Karachi in 2015 left more than 1,200 people dead and around 40,000 people badly effected from heat and exhaustion.  However, the people living in the remote areas of Sindh experiences more exhaustion and heatstroke than Karachi. Like Nawabshah, considered one of the most unbearable city regarding its burning temperature, where people out there faced the temperature up to the extent of 52°C. But making the comparison of both of the cities, the heatwave faced by the people of Karachi […]

A rare cool day for Rawalpindi and Islamabad in summer

Yes it is true, the weather forecasts telling the different story, despite today being very pleasant day the hostile heat is about to be back just on tomorrow. Today in Rawalpindi and Islamabad it kept raining in several little time spans of 5 to 20 minutes, some lightening and winds also witnessed and the temperature was mostly around 29 degrees or low. Weather forecasts for tomorrow show a real hot 37 and increasing temperatures from tomorrow and so on. Some rain in night is expected but the drying weather already back the facts provided by weather forecasts. Following are few images taken in ever in dual sunny and cloudy kind of atmosphere. Hope we keep getting such low temp days […]