Pakistan Faces Worst Petrol and furnace oil shortage

petrol shortage in PakistanAll over the country there are long queues of vehicles waiting to be refilled. Petrol is available but it is in low quantities. Way lower than the demand, all the petrol stations are being provided with much lower than routine quantity of petrol.

The reason for petrol shortage is, PSO’s circular debt have increased to 200 billion Rupees and they does not have enough funds to buy petrol from refineries. Government also have done less in helping PSO (Pakistan State Oil) decreasing its circular debt.

Punjab being most densely populated province of country is hit worse by the fuel shortage. Very long queues are seen on fuel-less fuel stations, as of today, the most fuel stations are no more able to provide fuel and remained close. Petrol shortage is affecting people in worst way and specially in big cities it have disturbed the mobility in a very bad way.

PSO have asked government to release about 72 Billion Rupees to ease the debt and make the PSO able to purchase fuel. PSO is government owned distributor and retailor of petroleum products in Pakistan, however, government of Pakistan itself have huge outstanding dues, which are not payed.

The power sector also owes money to PSO, so PSO for now have stopped the fuel supply to power sector as for now. This have resulted in load shedding of over 14 hours per day in all major cities of Pakistan.

Hope the PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) led government controls the situation soon enough. The current PML-N led government claims that they have put Pakistan on way of economic progress but in reality they have not been able solve the very basic problems of Pakistan. Few of them are Shortage of Power, Gas and now Petroleum products.

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2 thoughts on “Pakistan Faces Worst Petrol and furnace oil shortage

  1. It has now become extremely painful to live. No power, no gas and now no fuel. We are incurring expenses on projects that are not the primary need. Even a child knows that the primary needs are food and shelter. The Govt even failed in guaranteeing the people of Pakistan their secure lives. Agenda seems to be very clear now that by making lives difficult for people will allow the Govt to do whatever is better for the authorities and people will not be able to even think about it. May Allah have merci on us and we will see Pakistan free of all problems and incompetent rulers.

  2. Nawaz Crupt Government can buy metro buses but can’t solve electricity or gas and petrol problems. I live in England since i am in this country , never heard about any kind of these common problems. Nawaz sharif should resign or stand with Imran khan to solve pakistan’s small problems.

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